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10 restaurants in Milan to try in February

New places for an unforgettable culinary experience

After a month of transitions that established the beginning of a new decade, February brought back that authentic Milanese energy, with adventurous spirit and sparkling intentions for a fabulous 2020. It’s a month full of events, including the long-awaited Carnival, which challenges the still frigid Milanese temperatures, which are thankfully being improved by the first rays of sun. But February is also the most romantic month of the year. Valentine’s Day warms the hearts of lovers, with special moments made to share in pure Milanese style.

As a hub of culinary trends and international creative scenes, Milan intends to leave a gourmet mark on this occasion too. Authenticity and traditions of the Bel Paese are intertwined with exotic references to distant lands, in places where you can toast to your happiness with an excellent glass of wine. You’ll be charmed by locations that will make your heart beat at first sight or by menus that will tempt you. Our selection of the 10 restaurants in Milan to try in February will be love at first sight, which you can no longer give up!


Via Paolo Sarpi, 25

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

The culinary tradition of the Celestial Empire meets a love for books, resulting in a multifaceted restaurant that combines the relaxing atmosphere of a Cantonese tea room with the cosmopolitan air of the streets of Hong Kong. It’s a game of inspirations that is found in the cuisine, crafted by the expert mind of Chef Michele Yang. Inspiration and respect for ancient recipes and excellent ingredients is combined in a whirlwind of dim sum, bao and Asian fusion saucers. An exclusive collection of volumes in Chinese and Italian appear among the bookshelves in the rooms, for a gastronomic event you can’t miss.


Via Lecco, 4

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

Immersed in the eclectic district of Porta Venezia, Barmare is revealed with a refined soul, in a combination of unique design, excellent ingredients and a menu with flavors of the sea. It’s a location that intertwines wood, metal and marble in a game of tables and chairs that dialogue with the large central counter, between touches of warm light. Get inspired by the seasonal menu, in a combination of fresh fish of the day and genuine ingredients with respect for sustainability. Combine it with an excellent glass of wine for a romantic toast with impeccable quality.


Via Eugenio Villoresi, 16

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

From the shores of the lake that bathes Porlezza to the calm waters of the Navigli: Acquada moves its elegance to Milan under the guidance of the talented Chef Sara Preceruti. The cuisine tastes of seasonality, refined fresh ingredients and balanced flavors, with stunning presentation that plays with shapes, colors and textures. The name derives from the Lombard dialect, referring to the novelty of an unexpected downpour. This is the starting point for the restaurant, where the gastronomic heritage of the Bel Paese and young culinary flair meet, giving life to a taste experience between sky, earth and sea.


Via Sansovino, 1 

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

A kaleidoscopic location, where colors, patterns, fabrics and works of art coexist synergistically in a welcoming room dedicated to relaxation, among piles of books, knick-knacks and soft poufs. It’s a patchwork of styles and creativity that reflects the inspiration of Chef Cesare Marretti, creator of simple and tasty cuisine that can satisfy any palate, including courses of meat, fish and vegetables. It’s a spontaneous place, which offers itself as a space-time refuge from the city frenzy, for a lunch or dinner you’ll enjoy moment by moment.


Piazzale della Stazione di Porta Genova, 3

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

Here is an oasis of peace, a few steps from the hustle and bustle of Porta Genova, where the rattling of trams becomes almost imperceptible. After passing a small gate, a ladder will lead you to discover this hidden address. It’s a spokesperson for the tradition of the Bel Paese, combined with a touch of culinary flair, with its most genuine flavors and aromas. Let yourself be conquered by the love story and “good food” pursued by Cristian, his wife Debora and their staff, in an intimate location. Between natural palettes and timeless elegance, you can rediscover the pleasure of a gastronomic experience that mixes the flavors of the past with a curious spirit of innovation.


Via Lambro, 11

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

A new restaurant has breached the heart of the Porta Venezia district food. Bites is a small gastronomic refuge dominated by the “philosophy of tasting,” which is the cornerstone of their continuously rotating menu. There are limited seats and a counter with an open kitchen, where you can observe the preparations of the “bites” yourself. Whether your choice falls on the aperitif formula or on the more traditional dinner, nothing will be left to chance. Ad hoc cocktails and excellent wine labels will accompany your “bites,” for an unprecedented tasting.


Via Orti, 7

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

A few steps from the lively Porta Romana, there is an place dedicated to the pleasures of cooking and “drinking well,”  that’s capable of combining fresh ingredients with the scent of the sea and the art of mixing, with tradition and creative flair. Filippo and Carlo, twins and owners of this gastronomic location, tell their culinary history together with the skill of Chef Romeo, in a game of flavors and colors that captures pupils and papillae. Between a “Drunk Octopus” or a “Metropolitan Siren” let yourself be enchanted by the call of the waves, in a spot inspired by the sea.


Via Legnano, 18

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

A gastronomic gem dedicated to meat lovers, where you can rediscover the authentic flavor of an excellent fresh ingredients, meant to be tasted “naked and raw,” in fact. It’s a location with an industrial-chic style, featuring exposed bricks, leather sofas and a strong vintage appeal, where marble, dark wood and metal intertwine in a play of light and shadow. Tartare and carpaccio outline an à la carte menu for true connoisseurs, with a careful selection of garnishes and accompanying sauces. Combine it all with an excellent glass of wine from the cellar or intoxicating cocktails.


Via Laghetto, 2

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

Here’s a spot with a homey atmosphere, in the heart of the Milanese historic center. Cantina Piemontese tells a story of authentic Italian cuisine, respect for raw ingredients and sharing. It’s a place to pamper yourself with a cherished lunch or dinner, within the walls of a historic 1930s building. Period tiles, dark wood and a large bookcase mix with modern design and intense colors that form the backdrop to a menu inspired by the ancient Piedmontese Kingdom. You’ll be sent on a journey that touches the borders of Liguria and Piedmont, Sardinia and Lombardy, in search of those artisan flavors, between sea, sky and earth.


Via Crocefisso, 2

10 ristoranti a Milano da provare a Febbraio

Federico Rottigni, a pastry chef with international experience, has returned to Italy with a great dream: to open the first Dessert Bar in the Bel Paese. And here in Milan, the dream has now become a reality. You’re in for a unique gastronomic experience, built on a palette that plays with delicate shades in contrast with teal and metal. There is a “blind” menu to be discovered, where you can follow Chef Rottigni during the preparation. Three or four courses are accompanied with ad hoc mixes or a glass of wine, for true sensory dining. 

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