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10 Restaurants in Milan to try this Spring-Summer

Seafood, traditional dishes, steamed pizzas, revolutionary concepts, gluten-free kitchens, and raw food diets: here are the Milanese food destinations of the moment that should not be missed!

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The rain of the last few weeks got the better of the beautiful days that we all hoped for this period, forcing us to wait a little while longer to wear short-sleeves, loose dresses, and sunglasses.

And thanks to the desire for the summer holiday that is now not too far away, the bustle of Milan seems to have persisted in the face of gray clouds that have covered the sky. And while spring colors are beginning to frame the aperitifs until late in the evening and the hunt for the most beautiful outdoor bistros has officially begun, we have made our way around the city to round up the must-see restaurants for your summer days.

Between new openings and established classics, here is our ranking of the places to be (re)discovered!

Barmare L’altro

Via Lecco, 4

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

Barmare L’altro is a bistro with a minimalist style that recently opened its doors within the Art Nouveau architecture of Porta Venezia. It is considered the dishelveled, popular and rebellious younger brother of Barmare di Porta Romana, who always stays up late and proposes yet another journey into the most authentic Mediterranean style. It always follows through on its promise to transport customers to the flavors of the ocean, with traditional gems and a pinch of creativity along for the ride. The seafood is of high quality, even if it has a more informal cut. The fish, mostly “simple”, is the king of the menu, served in dishes designed to be shared, and has at his side a faithful companion: fresh pasta. And if you fancy an aperitif or an after-hours craving, that’s no problem at all: the kitchen is always going from noon ’til night. 

Cantina Piemontese

Via Laghetto, 2


Cantina Piemontese is a Milanese must: that place in which memories, furnishings and scents from Milan past begin to unfold. A restaurant where elegance reigns supreme and sustainability is a fundamental phylosophy that is reflected both in the furnishings, consisting only of salvaged objects or made by artisans, and in the cuisine: simple, made of local traditions, of selected raw materials and seasonal products coming only from companies that respect the earth. In this regard, if you were looking for the right address for a lunch or dinner, know that here they have all the right credentials to satisfy sight and palate and to let you rediscover the joy of genuine things with dishes without too many frills and a selection of over 450 wine labels (almost all of these can be served by the glass). All this, to be enjoyed around one of the tables of the elegant inner hall or of the fairy-tale dehors that is an explosion of flowers: a small oasis of green of tranquility that during the spring and summer hypnotizes with all its charm. And if you want an after dinner with flakes, you just need a name: Spazio Tencitt, the exclusive space inside Cantina Piemontese, ideal for a private event or an end-of-evening cocktail.


Viale Bligny, 19/A

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

For an ideal gastronomic journey on the Silk Road, Serica brings Italian cuisine into a futuristic dialogue with the Chinese culinary experience through the imagination and skill of chef Chang Liu, who transcends geographical boundaries by combining ingredients in unusual combinations. The shapes, flavors and techniques of the proposed dishes bridge the divide between the two cultures and offer the best that each country can give. The restaurant is simple with minimal decor, but full of curious details such as the string of lights winding along the ceiling that almost seems to indicate a path, which can only lead to the East.

Ristorante Quinoa

Viale Beatrice d’Este, 49

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

Ristorante Quinoa is holding it down as the first restaurant in the city to be 100% gluten-free. Born in Florence, it landed on the Milanese streets in 2018, conquering the hearts of many with its menu that combines the flavors of Tuscan traditions and exotic tastes with gluten-free dishes. The goal is to offer a cuisine without the risk of contamination that does not sacrifice the possibility to choose between numerous options and flavors. The restaurant is immersed in an intimate and welcoming space that recreates the unique environment of Florentine enclaves, and offers chef Simone Bernacchioni’s most famous dishes.


Corso Como, 10

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

The new, fast-casual venue by the Alajmo brothers is branded with inspiration from designer Philippe Starck, who filled the restaurant with Venetian masks and creative decor. On the menu, you will find the steamed pizza, a trademark of three-starred chef Massimiliano Alajmo, which came about as a result of his search for simplicity, depth of flavor, digestibility, and aesthetic. The restaurant was created with every moment of the day in mind (offering both savory and sweet pizzas) so, whether it’s a breakfast pizza with eggs and crispy bacon, or for lunch or dinner, the result is always the same. Everything served here is marked with originality.


Via Giuseppe Prina, 2/a

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

With “fish delicacies” served in the form of strikingly colorful tacos, sandwiches, burritos, tartare, and fish & chips, GU-MI is the new gourmet spot in Milan, but with an urban soul that tells the story of European, Asia, and South American tastes. The restaurant is cozy, with just over 20 seats, while proposing an informal atmosphere and eye for sustainability, providing compostable plastic materials and 100% biodegradable take-away containers. GU-MI is your ideal address for an aperitif.


Via Pietro Maroncelli, 15   

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

Fishion is a seafood bar that breaks the mold of typical seafood menus by celebrating the creative encounter between cocktails, seafood dishes and pastries. It is a restaurant where calamari and macaroons become Calamaron, the millefeuille are called Milletonni, and the cannolis are Sicilian cannolis. At Fishion, curiosity is boldly stimulated and the palate tantalized. Check it out for dinner or for an unusual aperitif made up of “Oyster World Tour,” imaginative cocktails by the bartender, and exclusive creations by the chef that you just have to discover for yourself.

IT Milano

Via Fiori Chiari, 32

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

With a retro style and contemporary soul, IT Milano revives and infuses the timeless beauty of the 1960s into the entire space. The bistro offers a complete experience of taste and fun, as well as a captivating spirit, perfect for a lunch break or simple evening cocktai. The restaurant is a sight to behold and to taste, while the lounge is the perfect spot to organize a dinner or private event.

Solo Crudo

Via Vincenzo Viviani, 2

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

Raw food and gentle cooking are the key words of this vegan restaurant, where every dish is a blaze of colors, hand-crafted ingredients, and nutritional benefits. At Solo Crudo, Chef Riccardo Rossetti has fun in the kitchen by experimenting and proposing new recipes that are prepared according to the principles of raw food. The food is cooked at a temperature not exceeding 42 degrees and strictly adheres to specific thermal techniques that preserve the properties of the otherwise inedible raw foods. The result is a journey through authentic flavors, with a proud hallmark of health and well-being.

Clotilde Brera

Piazza San Marco, 6

10 ristoranti da provare a Milano questa primavera-estate

The kitchen staff is led by Domenico Della Salandra, while the drink list bears the signature of Filippo Sisti of TALEA. Together, playing with the dichotomy between tradition and innovation, offers the guests of the new Clotilde Brera a taste journey inspired by the art of food pairing. The great classics of the city’s local cuisine and the creative recipes of the chef are met by original cocktails prepared ad hoc. The venue in the historic Milanese district has among its trump cards a charming terrace, serving as a romantic window overlooking St. Mark’s Square.

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