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The 5 Best Cocktail Bars on the Naviglio Grande

Because life is too short to drink bad cocktails

I’m on the Naviglio, it’s evening and I’m craving a well done cocktail, just as I like it. I have a firm step, and I deftly juggle among the amount of people who usually hangs out around the oldest canal in Milan. I choose my destination,  a quiet corner where I can enjoy a drink (maybe two!).

Sure, in the past my walk was more hesitant … it’s not always easy to find the place that meets your needs, especially if you do not know the city or if you’ve never been in the area.

With some years of experience, with patience and some moment in the morning, I finally found the right solution for me so that I can quickly steer towards the cocktail bars which satisfy my taste buds and my spirit.

So here’s a quick recipe to find the best quality cocktail bars:

  1. Find a barman with magic hands and good chemistry experience.
  2. Shake him vigorously and add a pinch of proportionate and balanced mixing. Done? Good.
  3. Now make sure you have high quality liquor bottles and ingredients, squeeze them firmly and pour in a pleasant environment
  4. Garnish with smiling staff and serve… on the Naviglio canal.

Voilà … The 5 best cocktail bars list on Naviglio Grande … is served!

Rita & Cocktails
Rita & Cocktails
Via Angelo Fumagalli 1

Mag CafèMag Cafè
Ripa di Porta Ticinese 43

Morgante Cocktail & Soul
Morgante Cocktail & Soul
Vicolo Privato Lavandai 2/a

Alzaia Naviglio Grande 12

Ugo Navigli
Via Corsico 12

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