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5 restaurants in Porta Romana for good eating

The best places to experience the cuisine of one of the most "in" neighborhoods of Milan

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Between new trendy openings and historic venues, Milan offers a large number of restaurants and bars where you can spend an evening with friends. One of the richest neighborhoods from this point of view is Porta Romana. It’s a residential area par excellence, and over the years it has experienced a significant evolution into one of the most sought after locations by young people and families.

Thanks to the opening of the Prada Foundation which for some years has attracted many visitors and an important redevelopment of the main roads, the neighborhood dining scene has also experienced a real boom. With so many places to choose from, the risk of making a mistake in where to eat is stressful!

This is why we have experimented with the various gastronomic menus in the area, to advise you and share the places we have fallen in love with and can no longer do without.

Here are 5 places to eat well in Porta Romana, for all tastes.


Corso Lodi, 12


This is a place to get in touch with the authentic flavors of the sea. It’s a synthesis of excellent raw ingredients – always fresh – and recipes made with passion. Barmare is the perfect restaurant for fish lovers with a Milanese mind and a heart left on a remote Mediterranean island. Short cooking, Sicilian monocultivar oil and the use of a little salt will make the most attentive happy. Their attention to sustainability was certified by joining the “Friend of the sea” program, made for those who daily dedicate themselves to the care of the planet. Looking for fresh fish in Porta Romana? Eat here.


Via Giorgio Vasari, 3


If you are looking for a welcoming atmosphere, where you’ll feel at home while eating delicacies served with grace and kindness, Trippa is the place for you. Truly a trattoria “as it once was,” with furnishings straight from the 60s, a few tables and an open counter to admire the chefs’ work from the room. Don’t let the simplicity of the restaurant fool you. At Trippa, the menu is traditional but all courses have a touch of originality and modernity. The raw ingredients are excellent and treated with care. In addition to the few but good dishes on the menu, a large number of off-menu items will make it hard for you to choose. A suggestion? You can’t say you’ve been to Trippa without tasting their veal with tuna sauce.


Via Lazzaro Papi, 2


Among the restaurants of Japanese cuisine, do not miss Yuzu, an elegant and minimalist restaurant that takes its name from a citrus similar to our local bergamot. With about twenty seats surrounded by white walls like chairs and furnished with wooden tables, this restaurant offers the impeccable Japanese cuisine of Chef Yoko Matsuda. The keyword here is creativity, as shown by the numerous off-menu items made with always fresh fish and original combinations. Furthermore, there is no shortage of more traditional courses such as sashimi and uramaki, often reinterpreted by the skill of the chef who has been able to conquer the general public after perfecting his technique in the Armani/Nobu kitchen. Quality is guaranteed for a dinner you will not forget.


Via Gian Carlo Passeroni, 2

Cocciuto Porta Romana - Milano

There are no questions when it comes to pizza in this neighborhood. In Porta Romana, you go to Cocciuto, who opened their second branch right here. An urban chic atmosphere, armchairs in velvet and exposed bricks are the setting for typically Neapolitan gastronomic excellence. There’s slow rising dough (at least 30 hours), excellent slow food ingredients and traditional and innovative combinations The result is a soft, light, highly digestible pizza with an irresistible taste. The merit is of the master pizza chefs Andrea Godi and Antonio Caputo who transfer all their skill and passion into each dish. The sight and palate will remain satisfied.


Viale Monte Nero, 34

Nuna Soulfood - Milano

For a dinner with international flavors, wrapped in an exotic and inviting atmosphere, you cannot miss Nuna Soulfood. The name is derived from an indigenous dialect of South America (nuna means “soul”), and embodies the energy here. Purity and authenticity are the basis of the cuisine of this tapas bar and bistro in which you can experience the skills of Tuscan chef, Matteo Pancetti. The  menu is designed for sharing and eating with cocktails. It’s a rich experience that will guide you around the world while you sit comfortably at the table.

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