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Avery Perfume Gallery – Excelsior

Be guided by your senses within the 200 square meters of shop, looking to discover the brand that represents you best

There are certain scents that you will never forget. You can recognize them years later. That hold memories making an insignificant moment a bridge to the past, with that time at the beach, or in the mountains, or in a big city, where we were with the “guy” or “girl” of the moment who even though may have disappeared from our contact list will continue to own a spot in our heart, maybe for life. Or maybe someone who we thought we’d forgotten comes back to mind, thanks to a fragrance that wakes us up with a jolt, reminding us forgotten snippets of life, covered by memory dust, hidden beneath successive events, sad, happy, exciting or simply – more recent.

Avery Perfume Gallery - Excelsior

There is nothing stronger than passion, of decisions driven by instinct, of the irrationality of a feeling. And, more than words, more than a look, more than a gesture, nothing is more capable of waking our emotions than a perfume. Books have been written, movies made and economic empires built around this art, cultivated and passed on from generation to generation, throughout the centuries and through the ages.

Avery Perfume Gallery - Excelsior

Civilizations have used perfumes and their indications since the beginning of time and it’s not a coincidence if their primitive uses were connected to functions destined to gods or royal families. To the sacred. To magic. And we carry that magic with us today, in a sector ultra fragmented where the choice is guided, mostly, by the media success bombs of the cosmetic companies that bring it all to the show down of advertising spots, visible everywhere, that all focus on the one thing we can all afford: a dream.

Avery Perfume Gallery - Excelsior

So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, if your concept of identity is non-negotiable, if you want to leave a indelible mark on your lover’s memory at all costs, you can’t miss the new jewel of the Intertrade Group: Avery Perfume Gallery, the concept store open in the most magical framework of the city: Excelsior Milano. Enter through the extremely well-kept piazzetta Beccaria and be guided by your senses within the 200 square meters of shop, looking to discover the brand that represents you best, most capable of describing your character and mood. A warning: the choice won’t be easy. The Italian and international brands represented number more than twenty and thanks to the knowledgeable description by the staff will attract you to each one of these artists that make up the artistic niche perfumery panorama of today.

Avery Perfume Gallery - Excelsior

It’s all planned to be a 360 degree wellness experience with the option of being guided in your choice of body care products, while you are inspired by the offer of design and furnishings at the same time exclusively with you in mind. It’s all absolutely impeccable.

So when I want to feel really Flawless, I know no other address.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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