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COLLECTIBLES, the new project of Hangar Design Group

Everyday objects and sculpture-like furniture as collectible pieces

Milan is not just the city of food, drink and fashion, but also the city of design. During the days of Design Week, the eyes of the whole world are focused on our city which is full of opportunities for all the creatives who want to show their talent. Among all these, there are those of the Hangar Design Group, which for this occasion will present a new concept totally worth discovering.

Hangar Collectibles - Milano

The name of their exhibition will be “Collectibles” and it will be an unconventional collection of objects and projects born from the creative verve of Hangar Design Group. It’s an ambitious and innovative project: an intimate narrative on the collective’s poetics, centered around elements of everyday use that interpret new ways of living alongside totemic furnishings that transform space and our way of conceiving it.

Hangar Collectibles - Milano

Each object, from the small accessory to the large piece of furniture, is the element of an ideal collection whose common thread is not the function or even the style. What unites these otherwise disparate realizations is their intention: each of them expresses a desire, almost a necessity, of beauty and wonder. It’s an aesthetics that permeates every detail unitarily and at the same time makes different parts interact with each other.

Hangar Collectibles - Milano

The event organized by Hangar Design Group will be held on April 19, starting from 7 pm, during Design Week 2018, at Viale Bianca Maria 23, which will be transformed into an exhibition and social space for the occasion. The projects signed by the creative studio have been developed in collaboration with Italian and international brands such as Rossato, Rotaliana, Fazzini, Piuma and the Taiwanese brand of ceramics Acera . It’s impossible to miss such an event, to discover the latest news born from the minds of one of the most interesting groups on the Milanese and Italian design scene.

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