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Riscatti Fashion Market – Christmas Edition

Helping others while filling your wardorbe with designer clothes. This weekend you can.

After the success of the summer edition, Riscatti Fashion Market comes back for the 2017 cold season and does it by bringing to you the best of vintage fashion. You will find clothes of the best brands, provided by private citizens and companies, carefully selected. There will be clothes for anybody: man, woman and children. So the occasions hidden behind the corner will be many and the price to get your hands on them will be an absolutely knock-down.


This past May, Milan’s fashion addicts had the chance to buy great second-hand designer clothes in this charity fashion market the revenue of which was entirely donated to RISCATTI ONLUNS, an association that promotes social integration of the less fortunate through its photographic projects. With this winter’s initiative, all the income will fund photographic courses for homeless people and those affected by social disability.


But how does this charity market works? Friday 24th and Saturday 25th November, from ten and a half in the morning to seven in the evening, in the spaces of Erreci Studios in Via Sant’Eusebio 26, Wagner area. Entrance is free and every item can be purchased with a free offer superior to 20 euros. Besides, for all of the event’s duration, and only for the most priced items, there will be a silent auction that will last until the seven o’clock on Saturday.


Don’t miss this occasion to hoard all of yours favorite griffe by also helping out others. The quality of the clothes is guaranteed by the organizer’s careful selection and the vintage you’ll find here will only be of top notch quality. At Riscatti Fashion Market there aren’t only clothes for sale, but dreams of ages past too, dreams of style and beauty, dreams that you can wear.

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