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How to Choose the Right Barber For You

Never wait for a bad haircut to grow out again!

My father used to tell me that there was only one difference between a terrible haircut and a great one: Two weeks.

He might be right, but as things begin to warm up in Milan you’ll likely find yourself struggling to hide an embarrassing haircut under a beanie. Besides, no one wants to find themselves two days out from that all-important interview or date looking like they’ve been run over by a lawnmower.

Barber Shop Salon Milano

Milan is a city with its fair share of uber-stylish salons as well as budget mega-chain chop shops. However, each of these presents its own problems for the man who values style more than fashion and a good job over a cheap one. With unisex salons you’ll either find yourself with a new stylist every time you visit, or a stylist who has no memory of who you are or what your specific needs are. Either way, you’ll end up leaving with a completely different hairstyle every time.

Finding a reliable, consistent and quality barber in Milan can be tricky, but by following our tips, hopefully you’ll find the right one for you.


The Barber Shop Salon Milano

If you are going to let a man to get that close to your neck with a cutthroat razor, it will be of some consolation knowing that he’s more than familiar with the tools of his trade. Corrado of the Barber Shop Salon says “Barbers really want to be in this game. It took fifty years of experience in Sicilian and Milanese barbering to reach this point.”Don’t be afraid to ask your barber how long he’s been cutting hair. You’re a person, not a practice mannequin.

Good Products

Barber Shop Salon Milano

If you see those industrial-sized tubs of blue gel, back away slowly. Even the most old-school of barbers will pay careful attention to the brands and products they stock. “A barber’s choice of products says a lot about his respect for his trade and his philosophy”. In the Barber Shop Salon in San Babila, Corrado uses scissors with diamond sharpened blades, razor blades from the United States, and pure badger hair brushes for distributing shaving cream evenly. He uses only quality branded aftershaves and hair gels.

A Good Memory

Barber Shop Salon Milano

It can take up to three haircuts before you begin to get the best from your barber. Scalps are highly individual things, but a good barber will have an excellent memory, and will remember the specific contours of your noggin. A haircut, and a shave, are intimate moments. It’s a chance to build loyalty and a relationship”, says Corrado.


A good barber will greet you with a firm handshake, ask the right questions, and give you suggestions when you need them (not just when you actually ask for them). Corrado says “although times have changed, and customers are a little more distant, we always try to maintain the quality of the past… Our relationships are always built on trust.”

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