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L’Ov Milano – Solari

Sheer eggselence

Scrambled, benedict, fried, hard and soft boiled, meurette eggs. And again pancakes, crêpes, french toast, omelette, croque madame and carbonara. The egg is one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen, both as comfort food and as great international classics. L’Ov Milano, as clearly stated by its name (egg in milanese dialect), decided to make the egg the main ingredient of its all day proposals.

L'OV Milano - Solari

A simple ingredient, fast and adaptable for the preparation of both creative recipes and last-minute dishes, when you want something delicious to put under your teeth: we all have eggs in our pantries. L’Ov Milano was born from friendship and from the choice of a perfect fil rouge throughout the day.

L'OV Milano - Solari

Therefore the location hosting the second bistro, in Via Solari 34, could only be a welcoming space, where you really feel like home. A bistro ready to receive its guests with the same enveloping atmosphere of the elder bistro in Viale Premuda. In fact, as soon as you enter, a lounge with brown leather armchairs and a bookcase welcomes you ahead of your meal, to be enjoyed in bright and airy rooms.

L'OV Milano - Solari

Exposed bricks, wooden furniture with warm tones, a palette in the shades of green, brown and gray and a pleasant jazz background. The open kitchen overlooks the dining room and from the wide window you are able to see all movements necessary for the food preparation and to start glimpsing your upcoming order.

L'OV Milano - Solari

Kitchen is open all day long, ready to satisfy any appetite, even the sudden hunger away from traditional meal times. The day at L’Ov Milano starts with lots of energy, thanks to the Italian and American breakfasts with sweet and savory dishes: croissants, fragrant homemade cakes, pancakes, granola and, inevitably, eggs obviously cooked at your will. All served on delicious dishes with typically British floral patterns illuminating the wooden and the marble tables.

L'OV Milano - Solari

For lunch and dinner, on the other hand, the main ingredient of the bistro becomes the protagonist of recipes with an international flavor collecting the best egg recipes from every corner of the globe. Like Amsterdam – eggs benedict with smoked scamorza, spinach and Dutch sauce – Milano – omelette stuffed with ham and cheese, served with a tomato “bruschetta” and potatoes, club sandwich, or Nizzarda salad with fried eggs, toasted bread, seasonal vegetables and black truffle.

L'OV Milano - Solari

Even the aperitivo sees the eggs as undisputed protagonists of the dishes: the cocktails created specifically by MAG Cafè are perfectly combined with a selection of appetizers, among which there are clear incursions of egg whites and yolks.

L'OV Milano - Solari

In the weekend the bistro proposes the typical American brunch, both in a light and in a full version, for the particularly hungry ones. In addition to eggs, cooked according to your favourite recipe with its classic side dishes, you will also find pancakes with maple syrup, juice, american coffee and, depending on your hunger, fruits or a succulent burger.

L'OV Milano - Solari

The cozy atmosphere recalling a house, is perfect to enjoy a tasty slice of homemade cakes while reading a good book, but also to meet up on Sunday with friends and family in front of scrambled eggs and bacon, to study with the right energies of a healthy avocado sandwich or to take refuge from the cold with the comfort of a steaming carbonara.

L'OV Milano - Solari

Now you have no more excuses to discover all the possible variations and combinations of an egg and choose your favorite!

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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