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A luxury drink among vintage cars

Among the qualities of Milan there is undoubtedly the ability to surprise those who experience it. Just take a walk, better if at sunset time of a midsummer evening, to discover places barely marked on the guides or hidden behind inconspicuous entrances. This is the case of Officina, a cocktail bar located in via Giovenale 7 near Corso San Gottardo, inside a courtyard of old Milan.

Officina - Milano

A white gate gives access to a court in the past seat of a former workshop (which gives the name to the place today) as evidenced by the examples of vintage cars located at the entrance. Here time seems to have stopped: the atmosphere recalls the years of prohibition, the soft lights caress large leather sofas and delicately illuminate the paintings hanging on the walls. But the heart of the location, the point of maximum attraction is undoubtedly the majestic bar counter, behind which skilled bartenders dedicate themselves with passion and originality to the creation of exclusive and personalized drinks.

Officina - Milano

Officina in fact is a real temple of beverage that will open the doors of a journey in the world of spirits and drinks: it is only by relying on experts hands that you can discover new flavors, appreciate curious combinations and expand your taste horizons.

Officina - Milano

Every day starting at 7 pm you can relax with an aperitivo, the reception is elegant and discreet. Attention to the guest is demonstrated by small details like the flavored water that is served at the time of delivery of the menus. The list contains interesting proposals: the most experienced will be spoiled for choice, others will be guided by the room staff or rely on the imagination of bartenders. To accompany the drinks there is a selection of finger food such as mini tartare and croutons of great quality and well presented.

Officina - Milano

Officina is suitable not only a drink with friends after work. On Sunday, in fact, the kitchens offer a rich brunch perfect for families, always in an atmosphere of relaxation and total detachment from the bustle of the city.

Officina - Milano

Often visiting places like this, it’s possible hearing the phrase: “It’s impossible we are in Milan”, when instead our city offers small jewels daily, secret corners to escape from everyday life where to find shelter in the company of loved ones. You just need to recognize and share them with those who can understand their poetry.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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