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A piece of Milan's nightlife history, a must for connoisseurs that still has the ability to surprise

7 pm on a Friday evening, still handling the inevitable unforeseen stuff right before being able to finally shout “Thank God it’s Friday”, my phone lights up and the usual Hamletic doubt appears: “So? Where are we going tonight?”. I hesitate just for one second and, this time, as fast as someone who knows exactly what to do, I write “PLASTIC!“.

A piece of Milan’s nightlife history, a must for connoisseurs enclosed in a location like no other, that years after its birth still has the ability to surprise the audience. From the historical location in viale Umbria, what is known as the “Plastic Palace” has now been moved to number 15 of the viale Gargano.

An elite clientele, an amazing music selection and nights characterised by singularity: this is the place where extravagance combines with the eccentricity, strangeness joins originality and eccentricity is defined as regularity.

Defined by Andy Warhol as “one of the best clubs in the world”, Plastic preserves the unmistakable look that over the years has made it a must see for anyone passing by Milan. Full of international icons and artists, what was the famous club in Viale Umbria has always been one of the prominent places where the luxury of daring has always been a guarantee for unique and one of a kind nights.


One look at the entrance and you already perceive, even before you have a chance to feel the atmosphere, that something will amaze you. And in fact, once inside, it’s hard to choose which direction to take:  singing the one and only “The Stryxia” at the top of your voice or being carried away by the electronic music played in the famous Privè? Easy choice: BOTH!

So whether it is a Friday or a Saturday, when you want to disconnect from the routine and find a stamp on your wrist on the next day, there is only one option “PLASTIC”! So now what do you say… see you all there tonight? One o’clock in viale Gargano 15. Don’t be late!

Ah, I almost forgot … do you remember the famous‘ 90s, when high-waisted jeans were a must, music made us dance all night long and Beverly Hills was the most anticipated TV series? Well… it’s called Brenda Identity and you can find it here every second Friday of the month! Seeing is believing!

Photo credit: Milano

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