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Take a journey to the past to discover true tradition

I find it increasingly difficult to find the time to enjoy the atmosphere of a traditional barbershop. The barber has always had an important role in the daily life of a true gentleman. Not only does he fix a mans appearance, but he is the repository of secrets, the giver of valuable advice. It is a profession that in the passing of years and generations has resisted change, and kept its charm.

Barber Shop Salon Milano

In finding “The Barber Shop Salon” I discovered one of the true Milanese traditions. This small but lovely barbershop, located at Via Corridoni 6, is only a few steps from the center of San Babila and just behind the Milan court house, the famous Tribunale. You’ll recognise from afar, the classic Barber Pole just outside the window. The owner of this barbershop is Corrado Polistena, originally from Milazzo (where he learned his trade) he’s settled in Milan bringing with him fifty years of experience in the Sicilian and Milanese traditions of barbering.

Barber Shop Salon Milano

The first time we met was a cold Monday evening (at a time when he was closing up the salon. I was greeted with a big smile, and, although there was not very much time for him to tell me his story, it didn’t take much to sense the love this man had for his craft. It was there in his focus, it was there in his words, it was there in the room stocked with quality products and the scent of old tradition.

Barber Shop Salon Milano

“Of course, my clientele has changed over the years” Corrado tells me. “Gone is the time when gentlemen passed by the barber for a beard trim in the morning”. He tells me of the intimacy of this ritual from many years ago. Today everything has changed, the relationship you have with your barber is more distant, but customers stopping in Corrado’s Barber Shop Salon will make you change your mind as you relive the halcyon days of barbering.

Barber Shop Salon Milano

The dedication of Corrado and his staff will ensure that not only the traditional cuts, but also the more trendy options are executed impeccably. If you’re stopping by you have to try a hot towel shave, in which a steaming towel is applied to the skin before it is lathered up with shaving soap and taken to by this fearless barber with his trusty Dreifuss Solingen razor for the closest shave you will ever have.

Barber Shop Salon Milano

In addition to these services, the Barber Shop Salon also offers the opportunity to try different, more modern, beauty treatments such as facials, skin treatments, pedicures and manicures. So take the opportunity to treat yourself to this perfect little salon, and indulge like a real gentleman.

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