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Your private dinner at Bistrò 96

Events, tailor-made menus and personal chef in our favorite bistrot

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Bistrò 96, in Corso Magenta, is a small, delicious place (mignon et joli, would say a Frenchman) that soon became one of our favorites. Besides its Parisian petit bistrot mood, what struck us more of this place was its versatility: in a restricted, discreet place the owner created an atmosphere full of well thought-of details and a perfect proposals for the winter days, that goes from breakfast to the aperitif and is based on the quality and homely feeling it could create. Now, the bistrot enriched that proposal and conquered us even more deeply than before.

With its new offer, Bistrò 96 bets everything on the versatility and familiarity of the service. Its spaces can now be booked for any kind of private even, from breakfast to dinner, making it the perfect scenery for a special occasion thanks to a customized and very careful service, that doesn’t renounce style. The bistrot becomes even more yours as a place, the perfect scenery for your most memorable moments.

Bistrò96 - Milano

Think of it as an extension of your own home, a living room where you can receive (and surprise) your guests. You’ll be able to get in touch, face to face, with the professionals who will take care of the cooking and the service, without the possibility, as often occurs in many restaurants, to be forgotten, lost in the mass of other customers. It was exactly this that was missing in Milan: a human scale place, the offer of which is tailored on your need as a suit is tailored on your body.

Bistrò96 | Soppalco

The offer doesn’t stop here. Other (and maybe more important) sharp end of the spear of the new Bistrò 96’s proposal is the “home bistrot” one: a catering service and a personal chef that turns your house into a bistrot with customized menus and, if you want, a complete services that includes table-setting. As you can see, all of the bistrot’s work is devoted to erase the divide between restaurant and home, inside and outside.

Bistrò96 - Milano

But what’s cooking? A legitimate question, the answer to which will certainly not leave you disappointed. You will be able to choose your personalized càrte, all in Bistrò 96 style, with simple preparations based on typical ingredients but with an unmistakable gastronomic signature. Their strong dishes? The Madagascar vanilla gnocchi with cherry tomatoes and prawns, the slice of baked salmon with lemon-flavored mustard cream or the wonderful roasted veal with chestnuts, blueberries and taleggio. All with the accompaniment of ad hoc recommended wines.

An all-round proposal, in short, that wants to provide the customer with the maximum freedom and the highest quality through a dialogue and a closeness that can only exist thanks to a “petit” and specialized, almost artisanal service that doesn’t just promise but gives certainties, verifiable minute by minute.


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