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5 healthy food deliveries in Milan

Did you eat your greens?

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It’s been a while, in Milan, since healthy food stopped being rare like a phoenix and became a solid reality. Nowadays, every restaurant loves to punctualize how healthy, organic and chemicals-free its food is. A real relief for the townspeople, who, always busy in their constant running around, has to eat outside almost daily. And since the vegan wave arrived, the offer was extended and widened. The new frontier? Delivery services (let’s admiti it, nobody wants to go out and get groceries). But the market saw this frontier and, in the blink of an eye, conquered it. Now Milan is full of delivery services which specialize in healthy and well-balanced food. The question really is crucial since personal health in a city like this one soon loses the first place it’s supposed to detain.

We chose some delivery services that deal exclusively in healthy, organic and local food (or maybe the three combined) to make sure that you eat your greens.


Steaming is the pinnacle of lightness. Every flavor and texture of the raw materials is preserved, it doesn’t add calories, doesn’t calls for anything else than air and heath. Besides a good chef, of course. But at That’s Vapore there’s no shortage of good cooks. Unlike Cortilia and Foorban, That’s Vapire is an actual restaurant but the delivery service happens through Deliveroo, so you can eat their great dishes practically everywhere. Don’t lose any more time.


orticello-alta-qualita-delivery-bioA delicious little restaurant in via Monte Nero, a great catering service but, above all, a gourmet delivery that you won’t easily forget. They specialize in “green” dishes, that make up more that three-quarters of their menu, but this is not a vegan restaurant: you’ll find chicken, turkey and salmon among the ingredient of some of their recipes. Freshness and taste are guaranteed by their specific packaging that comes with table mats and disposable cutlery. Very practical. Deliveries with UberEats.


A biokitchen with a shop opened to the public for every meal of the day. They produce and select biological foods, compose seasonal recipes and they do home delivery through Deliveroo. The thing we like is that their production chain follows its products from the state of seed to the dish delivered to your home. They also suggest recipes, have their shop, organzie events and have a catering service too. Absolutely worth trying.


Local products packed in a nice box and delivered straight to your door. There’s more: the possibility to subscribe and receive weekly a box of fresh fruit and vegetables. The greens are great, the service is fast, that’s really all you need to know. Cortilia is already widely-known in Milan, there’s a lot of people that chooses to receive their organic vegetables and fruit without moving an inch or losing themselves in the crowd and noise of local farmers’ markets. Try it and you’ll bring the farmer’s market to your living room.

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