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The pleasure of eating well with high quality ingredients.

For those still unable to withstand the temptations of meat dishes, in Milan there’s a special place in one of the traverses of Corso Genova. It’s called Bove’s and its ace up the sleeve is Piedmont’s meat, cooked as few now know how to do it.


Bove’s was originally born in Cuneo from an idea of ​​Andrea Pirotti, who was fascinated by the scents that escaped from the small village kitchens. After some years his project was all grown up and arrived in Lombardy. At Bove’s you can rediscover the values ​​of the good old times when meals were not just a necessity, but a pleasure; the pleasure of staying together at the table and enjoy genuine products with genuine flavors.


The time spent in this corner of paradise is marked by the noise of dishes coming out of the kitchen, dragging a scent trail of rosemary and pepper. It’s not that hard to rediscover the joy of a tasty meal in good company, immersed in Bove’s intimate atmosphere, which has the colors of wine and the black and white tile of traditional kitchens.


A wide menu that can satisfy everyone, with kitchen proposals that are updated  every week. For the finest palates, instead, there’s a choice of raw and cooked cuts that  only need a few condiments to create an explosion of flavor. There are proposals of grilled fine cuts to savor with warm sides or, for a light lunch, a fresh salad.


And for those who feel the need to spoil their palate with a rich burger, at Bove’s you will find the best Piedmont beef in the city. The Pirotti are a family of butchers who since 1929 has given incomparable culinary experiences and who, since 2016, started spoiling hundreds of Milanese.


Bove’s is perfect place for a quality lunch break, an aperitif with a nice platter of cold cuts and handmade cheeses (even their bar service is not to be underestimated) or a dinner with a sophisticated gastronomy. If eating is one of your passions, try eating at Bove’s where the kitchen becomes a poem. 


Photo credit © Bove’s

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