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Challenge fate at Backdoor43

A new drinking way in which your stories tell your tastes

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There is a place in Milan that has just blown out its third candle. A very small place, so much to become the smallest bar in the world. We are talking about the Backdoor43, right next to the Mag Cafè: if you are regulars of the Navigli, you will certainly have seen the row in front of his door, not to enter, but to order from the man with a mask one of the seven cocktails that make up the list takeaway. If you have never come across here instead, know that this corner of Milan hides such a special experience that many thought esoteric rites were practiced inside.

BackDoor43 - Milano

Don’t worry, none of this. The worst thing that can happen here will be to find no place. To enter in fact, as the room can accommodate up to four people, it is advisable to book well in advance. Three shifts: from 7:30 pm to 9 pm, from 9 pm to 10:30 pm, from 10:30 pm to midnight and finally from midnight to half past one. In this hour and a half, however, you will have at your disposal an exceptional Mixologist, ready to entertain you and forget in a blink of an eye the outside world and all its worries.

BackDoor43 - Milano

Renowned for the selection of whiskey, of which tastings are organized on request, the shelves of Backdoor43 is a matter for you. But let’s get to the menu: the concept changes every year and is studied from time to time to leave something to think about. Take a seat, choose the music you prefer, turn off the phones and let yourself be guided towards a new way of drinking, where your stories tell your tastes. Haven’t we been enough clear? Here’s how it works.

BackDoor43 - Milano

It all starts with special dice, on which you will find stylized images instead of the usual numbers. Yes, you have to launch them. Concentrate then, because your cocktail will depend on the outcome of the hand. You will be asked in fact to tell a story that manages to link the images together: it can be true or invented, it doesn’t matter. The fundamental thing is that you tell something about yourself, because your words will be the basis of the mixing that, like a skilled alchemist, the barman behind the counter will prepare in front of your astonished eyes.

BackDoor43 - Milano

Intrigued by this strange menu created on the spot, vis-à-vis, we asked Francesco Bonazzi, who alternates behind the counter with the boys of the Mag, to tell us the most particular stories that have arisen from such an unusual situation. “They establish good relationships with people, when they let themselves go then tell about everything, we even had different marriage proposals”. Not hard to believe… but now it’s up to us to challenge fate.

BackDoor43 - Milano

We go out with a polaroid that portrays us smiling and satisfied with the cocktail in our hand and its recipe as a memory: 15 ml of Talisker, 30 ml of Cocchi (American), 5 ml of Chlorophyll and 15 ml of Bitter. Do you want to know what your fate is? Roll the dice then and let your fantasy tells more than you can express with the simple words.


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