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Chinese Box

Like a real Chinese box: the surprises never end

After having shone with reflected light thanks to the luck of the location, right in front of the historic RadetzkyChinese Box has been renewed and enlarged about two and a half years ago, becoming one of the main reasons to have a nice cocktail in the Moscova area, in the heart of Milan, contemplating the beauty of the Gucci Art Wall murals and enjoying an happy hour with a cherry on top.

Chinese Box - Milano

A large counter of almost 7 meters dominates the scene and shows off the team of mixologists behind it, who are at work from ten to two, as well as the long ranks of excellent spirits lined up on display. To the right, a staircase takes you upstairs from where you can see the street and the murals from above. The refined furnishings, with their clean and essential lines, and the soft lights that light up the color of the raw cement walls and octagonal tiles, make the atmosphere both familiar and pleasant.

Chinese Box - Milano

If the upper floor is made to sit with more tranquility and converse in peace in an evocative and youthful environment while enjoying the aperitif, the dehors, which opens on the sidewalk of Corso Garibaldi and remains usable even in the winter season, is  perfect to immerse yourself in the liveliness of the street and enjoy the outdoors as you come and go from the bar. Among other things, when it’s full during the summer days, the dehors extends to the entire wide sidewalk in front of it, making it a magical gathering place.

Chinese Box - Milano

Ultimately, Chinese Box is the perfect place to go to for a great happy hour with company or for a cocktail after dinner thanks to its highly strategic location, practically in the exact center of Moscova, close to public transportation and restaurants, and always super cool, just amid the mundane traffic of the area.

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