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MAG CAFÈ takes you on a journey through the historic cocktail bars of Milan

The new winter drink list has arrived and will make you fall in love with our city even more

If there is one thing that the Mag Cafe is always able to do, it’s surprise. The novelty and constant change are its strong points and once again we will showcase this. Every six months, the largest MAG Cafè family creates a new drink list to blow your mind. This time, although it was – as always – the result of an internal staff competition, the project is even more ambitious. 

La drink list Primavera Estate del Mag Cafè - Milano

MAG wanted to reflect on the origins that have made Milan the Italian capital for mixology, also famous abroad for our ingredients and mixing techniques. As proof of this, many barmen who have moved abroad are returning to their homeland to put into practice what they have learned. The fall winter 19-20 drink list of the Mag Cafè is, therefore, a real celebration of the cocktail bars that, in the last ten years, have made the history of Milan


In addition to the inevitable Signatures, such as the Asia Mule or Negroni del Marinaio, on the new menu we find cocktails inspired by the cornerstones of some of the historic bars of the Milanese city. These include the Dolse Amaro from the well-known Bar Basso, the cradle of the wrong Negroni, or the Naviglio in Galleria, a tribute to the historic Camparino. The characteristics of each drink, such as softness, acidity and sweetness, are indicated together with various information on the bars that inspired them, to guide the customer and satisfy their curiosity. 


The recommended means of consumption, however, are not only the traditional ones, but the most absurd and fun ones such as the hot air balloon, the ship or the heels, as in the case of Opera 33. Together with each cocktail you will be brought a coaster to collect that, like a fragment of a puzzle, will compose the map of Milan (perfect for the wall of your home or office).  


But the magical power of the coasters does not end here. In fact, if you show up in the indicated room and consume at least one cocktail, showing the gadget, you will be entitled to a free Farmily bitter! Finally, the new drink list offers alternative solutions with two non-alcoholic cocktails, the Rabbit Mule and the Squirrel Sour, and a very light one whose name leaves no doubt: Easy Tonic. 


At the MAG Cafè you go to sip a cocktail, read a good book, chat and be captivated by the thousand objects that fill the place. Among paintings, cups and travel memories, the artist Naki has recently earned a place on the wall. With his fascinating and hypnotic illustrations, he gives a further original touch to this cocktail bar that never goes unnoticed. 

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