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An explosion of spring at CL – Chantelle Lingerie

The best way to start the warm season

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This year’s long winter wasn’t enough to take away our desire for spring, the desire to see Milan illuminated by bright rays of sun that promise that the most beautiful time of the year is really coming. After a rainy March and an undecided April, it seems that finally we are here: it’s hot. Let’s start with the seasonal changes left in suspense after the short sunny days, let’s start with the restyling that we certainly need, let’s start with the physical activity that we left too often ignored. But only us women know the best way to start a season off the right way: a bit of healthy shopping. Where to start? From the underwear of course! And there’s no doubt, CL – Chantelle Lingerie, at the City Life Shopping District, is our favorite spot.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

Beauty always begins, after all, from the light that we emanate when we feel right with ourselves. And isn’t it true that even our posture changes if we know that we are wearing, under that beautiful dress, mismatched underwear pieces that we don’t throw away just because they resist the passage of time? Here, at CL, you can start to wake your femininity up without ruining your bank account. We had already told you about the variety of Chantelle Lingerie, a multi-category offer that ranges from lingerie to swimwear through homewear and sportswear, all organized in “stories” that change every month, designed to make you find what you are looking for according to your mood, within a design environment with modern lines, full of creative energy.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

A different, immersive shopping experience, where the only protagonists are you, inspired by your inner world to find the perfect garment in harmony with your body and personal needs. For this Spring/Summer 2018, among the great variety of homewear, beachwear and lingerie proposals, the two must-have “stories” of the season stand out, to illuminate these spring days with the much needed energy and positivity.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

The “Spring” line emanates all the freshness of its name: embroidered microtops, romantic lace and delicate ruffles in pastel shades of pink and green with coral incursions and with the irreplaceable white, for the first warm sunny days. “Soft Stretch” is, instead, the inevitable line in the wardrobe of the warm season: basic underwear items, seamless and therefore invisible, so ccomfortable that you will forget to have them on. A single size adapts to all physiques, also eliminating the problem of counting the extra pounds accumulated during the winter.

Chantelle Lingerie - Milano

The collection is completed by the story “Transparency”, for a seductive yet elegant femininity, the “Swim” and the “Home” stories, thanks to which you won’t give up the style even in the lazy Sunday afternoons, those in which a sofa and a book are enough to make you feel like the happiest women in the world. Treat yourself to a walk at CL – Chantelle Lingerie, great changes are made with small steps and this is undoubtedly the first one we need at this time of year.


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