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Sorry traditionalists, what's in now is total wax! “So what’s your bikini?”

It’s a fact, Brazilians have an unmistakable sex appeal. How many men, on their way back from Rio de Janeiro, go on and on about the charming “carioca” woman? We know the opposite sex doesn’t exaggerate the myth. Being fit, playing up your assets, and self-confidence are the recipe for an amazing presence.

Wax Mania is now in Milan, in Via Legnano 6, at Sugarwax. This isn’t just any wax, it’s the original Ipanema. Less painful for everybody thanks to a honey base which opens pores, giving a more delicate pull without irritating the skin so you can stay smooth and silky longer.

Romantic date? Surprise dinner? Weekend at the thermal baths or aiming for that spot at the gym for “the guy” in the weight room? Don’t worry, with our walk-in-service even without an appointment we’ve got you covered (on the weekends, to be on the safe side, just book one in).

Sorry traditionalists, no more excuses what’s in now is total wax! “So what’s your bikini?!”

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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