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You eat what you see and you can buy - to take home - what you eat

2. 7. 8. 24. 10. 0236534294. No, I haven’t – at least not yet – gone crazy. And I’m not even writing the “succession of Fibonacci”. I’m simply giving out the numbers for Taglio, “THE” place on via Vigevano! So: two are the years in existence of this beautiful and polyhedric place and seven are the days it’s open (a fantastically rare thing!). Go for breakfast or for lunch or in the late evening for a cocktail, because it’s open from 8am to midnight. And if you still don’t know where it is, find number 10 on via Vigevano or phone this number +390236534294 to get directions!

In fact, this place is a “cut” from the old fashioned ways of the city, still unfortunately tied to the concept of a “shop” not being able to be a (Good) restaurant – even though it is a European metropolis – or a night club, and that in no way could be a café/bar. Taglio is all of this blended together, is a simple mix but it totally works. Basic furnishings, big shelves, open kitchen. They are well-known ingredients, especially in Milan. But it’s really nice here. The atmosphere is relaxed and homey. It’s easy to chat with your neighbors. And you can rest your eyes… Not for the gorgeous people but for the “heavenly” food and drink that captures your gaze.

Everything you see on display on the shelves and obviously at the food counter, is for sale. You eat what you see and you can buy – to take home – what you eat. Pasta, bread from Grazioli, conserves, wines, beers, meat, cheeses and deli meats! Everything. The quality is very high and the young chef Federico Fiore has a solid and stable hand. The eggs Benedict are (his) stronghold: a libidinous guarantee in all of the proposed varieties. With homemade bread instead of the classic “English muffin” because in Italy it is strictly PROHIBITED not to use your bread to clean your plate after such a “voluptuous” dish… simple but soft, velvety and robust. Succulent and perpetually mouthwatering. Try it!

Then there is the chance that you drink coffee (8 different mixes to choose from) “free” because they have adopted the “suspended coffee” formula: you can pay for one or more coffees for those who will pass through after us. A popular custom in Naples, extremely rare in Milan! Nice, and even unifying… Which is refreshing these days! If, before you go, you’d like to exhibit your artistic/poetic vein, there are chalkboards under the bar counter. Leave a message. The child within will thank you!

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