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Tailor-Made Catering by MAG Cafè Fa(r)mily

Flawless cocktails, personalized services, lots of imagination, and no limit to the number of guests

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The MAG Cafè is truly an extended family with many brothers: Il 1930, a 1930s-style speakeasy only accessible by a special card; Backdoor 43, the smallest bar in the world and Iter, the exotic gastronomic destination in Via Fusetti. These are the places that have conquered Milan with their endless creativity and constant surprises, bringing true marvels of revolution in the world of Mixology to the city. With thematic, seasonal and even augmented reality menus, a strong inner circle, traditional cocktails, exotic influences, and the official heralding of the ”drink-away” lifestyle to overcome the constraints of chairs and take back the streets, the MAG Cafè family makes drinking (well) a full-bodied experience.

Il catering tailor made firmato MAG Cafè Fa(r)mily - Milano

Some of you already know the details, for many these places are established locales, whereas others are unaware (what are you waiting for?); yet, there is something more that you absolutely need to know. The newest concept executed by Flavio Angiolillo and his crew is in providing a catering network for events big or small, with quality products always guaranteed. Whether it’s for a birthday, a corporate or private party with a few close friends, or a major fashion event (Givenchy, Miu Miu and Alviero Martini are among the big names they have collaborated with in the past), the result is always the same: MAGnificent.

Il catering tailor made firmato MAG Cafè Fa(r)mily - Milano

This catering service has been designed to be completely versatile and tailor-made according to the customer’s needs. The only condition to abide by is that you forget about age-old classics like the Aperol Spritz. Your cocktails you will be chosen by you according to your tastes, but the choices proposed will be eccentric. Next, the drinks chosen, therefore, will be meticulously prepared with their organic products from Farmily, a brand born in 2016 inspired by the team’s desire to create drinks that offer a different, more natural twist.

Il catering tailor made firmato MAG Cafè Fa(r)mily - Milano

In addition to satisfying your thirst and hunger with delicacies from the bartenders and chefs, the MAG team continues to think of every step in this process. Their motto is always “personalization.” Forget obsessive Google searches to find the closest printer to you, or fights with colleagues, friends and family over the graphics on the drink list. With MAG Cafè, you can design menus and lists directly (and knowing them, you will not be disappointed). And if you cannot decide where to celebrate the special occasion, keep in mind that they have developed an ad hoc solution. Animo is the new multipurpose space in the Navigli district available to host private events and activities of all kinds, from photo shoots to showcooking to masterclasses in any subject.

Il catering tailor made firmato MAG Cafè Fa(r)mily - Milano

We’ve talked about them before, and Flavio Angiolillo & Co. are ready to make your most extravagant ideas a reality. Now the choice is yours. Stay tuned with more from the MAG Cafè!


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