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The Best Beauty Salons where to feel a Real Diva

Sure-fire addresses to renew your look

Spring has officially arrived, and more than any other season, it brings with it that longing for change and renewal that we’ve kept bottled up all winter. Daylight saving time and beautiful days remind us that there’s life after work, we just have to want it.

So take heart! You can take your pick of places to get the pampering you deserve, and to breathe a bit of much-needed fresh air into your look. Booking an appointment at one of these addresses is a sure-fire winner: here are the beauty salons where you’ll feel like a real diva!


Atelier Luigi Ciccarelli

“…The diamond tip of the renowned Hair boutiques chain, the signature Maison Mamì, allocated between Milan – in corso Venezia 8 and foro Buonaparte 52 – Forte dei Marmi and Lugano, is an eclectic place designed with him and her in mind, with a special private barber shop at level minus one. (…) The wait for treatment is a key part of the experience. You’ll be welcomed into an intimate, slick and exclusive space. A velvet sofa hugs you allowing for the time to study the environment: black and white. These colors dominate to give a sense of order, of style. You’ll be sitting there leafing through a magazine and asking yourselves in which spot, of the airy salon, your transformation will happen.”



“Feeling down and out? Stressed out, busy, tired, crazy hectic? Split between work and family or work and more work? Chill for a sec and focus on your look at Charme&Cheveux. There’s no room for excuses about time, busy ladies: on Thursdays Gianni and his atelier in via Marsala 9 are here to pamper you until 10pm. (…) You read right, here in proper belle époque style it’s all about you and your esthetic needs. Whether you want to revolutionize your look or simply get a blow out, a manicure, a wax or maybe just search the shelves full of fabulous products, trust us, once you step out you’ll feel ready to work it on any red carpet. (…) Are you ready for a flawless night?”


Brera 13 Duomo

“…A gold handrail – with matching red carpet – really stands out in via Cappellari urging you to sneak into this exclusive place at all costs, as if reserved only for the rich and beautiful. But luckily for us, Brera 13 Duomo, latest venue of the renowned florentine Hairstylist Serena Calvelli, is open to anyone wanting to go beyond the simple beauty concept. Thanks to the incredible location, the Hair Spa concept, in full swing in via delle Erbe 1, finds its perfect expression. (…) Make sure your phone is “off” before you go in – free your mind. Now you’ve got choices galore! (…) With the attention of the staff you’ll feel like a true diva.”


Area #6

“…Alessandro Lisi is the word of the day. Memorize this name. (…) Insisting on asking your friends for advice, if you’re trying to impress a guy, won’t take you very far. Nobody’s gonna reveal they’re competitive edge with the enemy, and now that you’re alone with your thoughts admit it: you are enemies. I don’t understand why you ignore our decisive and vocal preferences if we are the principal target of your makeover. Once and for all, admit that too. (…) Alessandro is some sort of visionary. He listens to you, he looks at you, decides the cut, he operates. He’s honest: he’s not gonna say “Wow love you’re beautiful” when you look like the mop left out on the terrace during Christmas vacation. (…) One last irrelevant note, once you have exited Area #6 you’ll have acquired something in common with Anna Wintour: the Hair Stylist.”