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The Marchiopolo project

The glamour label constantly looking for wine excellence and optimal years

Passion. Personality. Primacy. People. These are the four P’s of the Marchiopolo Project, Milanese wine brand – Venetian blood – whose fame has already gone beyond national borders, reaching the best and most coveted wine cellars of the Big Apple.

First of all Passion, a limitless passion that the Marchiorello family, represented today by Edoardo, puts into all it does. The very passion necessary to always require the best, never settling for less, moving only forward regardless of the challenges and setbacks that such an endeavor could face.

Personality. Determination to believe you can achieve it. Ambition to never give up. You need a vision to imagine something different.

Primacy. When you’re working on a product of this caliber, a unique wine, capable of representing our country from North to South, you need to maintain high standards of excellence. No compromises. To redefine, season after season, the concept of quality.

People. Every true entrepreneur knows that the key ingredient to a successful endeavor is the type of resources you can bring to the table. People are the soul and essence of an outcome. It is this very quality for which this extraordinary is most recognized.

The Marchiopolo project begins in 2006, with the profound vision of the Venetian entrepreneur Giovanni Marchiorello, who after an initial amateur production of 3.000 bottles of Amarone, who with the idea of creating il buon vino (the good wine) that he craved, decides to create a new product, excellent, created defying the rules of the trade.

Yes, because whoever does wine, whether professionally or personally, knows that there are the Producers, who make and bottle wine and the Merchants who choose wines of others.

Then there’s Marchiopolo. The idea is to make the whole production process crystal clear with the utmost transparency for the consumer with the goal of finding the ottima annata (optimal year).

You have the growers who, with respect for the environment, grow Autochtonous Wines based on the sector’s highest standards, and then there is the Marchiopolo team, who selects, analyzes and chooses year after year the best partners based on meteorological factors and on the know-how of the expert staff: Roberto Pepe, Giorgio Rinaldi and Paolo Meregalli complete the team.

The result? A unique wine, excellent and authentic. It’s beautiful. Glamorous, just like we like it. Perfect as a nice gift or for showing off at dinner with friends. The wine – red, white and bubbly – besides the distilled Marchiopolo, stands out for its look. It certainly must hold up to the content. And it does so perfectly being elegant, refined.

You won’t have to go crazy looking for it, all you’ve gotta do is go to the website and with a click you’re done. Free delivery and distributed in all of Italy. It won’t disappoint and you’re gonna look awesome!

Visit the Marchiopolo website for further information:

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