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Travelling around Italy at Iter

The best travels are the ones you make at the bar counter

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“There is a wonderful country under the sky, and it’s ours”. Did you know you can discover Italy through its best cocktails? It is indeed from Italy that Iter‘s journey of taste starts, a fusion cocktail bar that is the newest member of the Mag group, open since September in the Navigli area, that takes inspiration from the culture of travel (and from actual travels) to bring the best flavors of all the countries in the world to Milan.


Iter is an eclectic and welcoming environment, the dream of every globetrotter, full of globes, vintage furniture and travel souvenirs, designed to entice people to enjoy the time spent together, drinking excellent cocktails inspired by the cultures of the world and the Italian regions. An airport of the taste where you can leave your preconceptions behind and immerse yourself in the atmosphere, which will take you to a new country every six months, guiding you on a journey that Iter’s team will personally try for you.


Waiting for the next change of menu, scheduled for March, we can’t help to fully enjoy the fruits of a research that makes us all feel like the members of a large international house. Milan is the great melting pot of Italy, after all, that brings together under its roof all those who started out as passengers but ended up becoming tenants falling madly in love with the city.


So here we are to look for the warmth of those regional references from Iter, who, week after week, takes us for a walk around Italy. We already have eleven “regional cocktails” on the menu, inspired by Lombardy, Lazio, Veneto, Piedmont, Friuli, Marche, Puglia, Campania, Tuscany and Sicily. But they will soon increase. This is the beauty of Iter: like the soul of a traveler, enhanced travel after travel, its drink list evolves and changes, odyssey after odyssey.


And, as if this were not enough, to make guests feel even more at home (because you’ll feel like guests, not customers) every Sunday there will be “Grandma’s lunch“, a new opportunity not only to be together but to discover the regional gastronomy of the whole country. Succulent lunches, which will make each Milanese (behind every Milanese hides, underneath, a traveler) feel part of one big family.


Indeed, Iter remains faithful to its name: to visit it, to experience its ever-changing offer is really like following a path, a path that winds through the whole world, towards ever wider horizons.


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