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Vanilla Gelati Italiani – Piazza XXIV Maggio

The oasis you've been searching for in Darsena for an healthy snack

“July oh how much I love you…” (from an Italian song by Riccardo del Turco), have some mercy. After ten days of fluctuations, the thermometer skyrocketed, easily reaching 35 degrees in the shade. We, who see the holidays only on social media (and strictly those of other people), can only console ourselves with the little things that most often take the form of giant ice cream cones, helping us keep our minds cool and return to thinking straight. Vanilla Gelati Italiani in Piazza XXIV Maggio is the oasis you were looking for in Darsena to face daytime walks in the area now that the sales have begun or to brighten up the evenings when you are unsure what to do.

small artisanal gelateria overlooking the square has been open for about a year and a half and offers an array of classic flavors alongside much more sought-after and unusual proposals, all of them made in the adjacent in-house laboratory. Smoothies, freshly squeezed juices, granite, crêpes, waffles, banana split and coffee with ice cream complete the offering of this place, which focuses on quality and search for the best ingredients.

The day begins early for Vanilla Gelati Italiani, at the market where the best – and strictly seasonal – ingredients are selected by the two chefs to create and experiment in the lab every day. They also import the best tropical fruits and raw materials from abroad, to enrich the offer with exotic flavors. The result? A selection that will not leave anyone, even vegans, disappointed since almost all flavors are gluten-free with gluten-free cones available along with the classics.

Vanilla Gelati Italiani - Limone di Sorrento IGP

What exactly will you find in Vanilla Gelati Italiani? PGI Lemon of Sorrento (the oldest gelato in the world), Pistacchio of Sicily Feudo San Biagio, processed without milk and based only on Olive Oil, which intensifies and enhances the taste in addition to containing few calories; Cioccolato Sur del Lago, Rhum and Orange, which combines a very rare type of chocolate from Maracaibo Lake in Venezuela (a mixture of Criollo and Trinitarian Cocoa) with the flavors of the Mediterranean, pesto of Mandorla d’Avola (very high quality almonds) and Caramelized Figs, an absolute explosion of flavors of Italy, and fruit tastes which are clean and intense, for a split second giving you the idea of eating real melon, mango, strawberry or berries.

Vanilla Gelati Italiani - Coppette

Vanilla Gelati Italiani was born from the effort of Carlo Varesi, an entrepreneur famous among the Milanese who in the early 60s opened his first business in Piazzale Lodi, the historic Bar Tabaccheria Italia. Then came Bar Tabacchi Madonnina in Corso Vittorio Emanuele in 1982, and finally in 2011 a dream-come-true, an authentic all-natural Italian gelateria. The story began with the Vanilla Gelati Italiani shop in Via Pattari 2, just behind the Duomo, which continues to attract tourists and locals alike with its giant gelato cups to be enjoyed at the outdoor tables during the hottest weather. And after that, opening the second store, which we are covering in this article, came naturally a year and a half ago to try to bring the highest quality of this ice cream to other areas, without, however, a goal of becoming a chain.

So, if you are in Darsena in the hot weather, now you have the go-to place to treat yourself this July.

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