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Women of Milano

Where great women get together in Milano

Milano is a pulsing city where journeys of different women cross their paths every day both due to personal or professional reasons. However, not many know where to connect with other like-minded women and make new friendships, grow personally or enjoy informal women’s ‘aperitivos’. Surrounding yourself with those who will support and inspire you is actually very easy in Milano.


Donne di Milano

PWN is a worldwide organization with its very active branch in Milano that connects Italian & international professional women. Every month they organize workshops led by inspirational women speakers followed by networking ‘aperitivo’. Becoming a member of this community gives you opportunity to grow your network, join mentoring programs and constantly work on your self-development through various webinars and lectures. This group is very active in the area of gender equality and women in leadership.


Donne di Milano

International women network for those living in or near Milan is a strong point of reference for all the women seeking new friendships and connections. They organize various larger or smaller ‘aperitivos’ and have rather informal vibe. All their events can be found on As a member you are encouraged to be proactive and create your own events where like-minded women would join. Like this you co-create dynamics of this community according to your taste.


Donne di Milano

Rete Al Femminile was born in Torino as an initiative of an Italian lady who was inspired by the example of American business lady groups. This Italian association is an amazing space to network for women entrepreneurs and freelancers. Their aim is to promote female entrepreneurship in all sectors. It operates at national level in many Italian cities through sharing, professional updating and networking activities.


Donne di Milano

This network was born as a dream of young Bocconi students inspired by communities, they have seen during their studies abroad. They wanted to create a space for empowering young women, sharing inspirations, visions and experience through constant organizations of events. Today they operate both in Milan and Rome and can proudly say that they were 1st Italian association who organized Tedx Women. Most of their events are dedicated to personal growth and networking.

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