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Muzzi Breakfast & Salad Bar

Muzzi will change the way you look at salads. You're sure to fall in love.

How many of us are used to thinking about salad with a certain sadness? That slightly bland lunch break, that light “I want carbohydrates but I promised I would start my diet” meal. And, all in all, we have good reasons for seeing it like this. Seasoning your salad with whatever you can find in the fridge, or munching on old limp lettuce for dinner certainly helps to create this imaginary idea of salad as a bland and untasty meal. Well, the time has come to change our minds, and Muzzi Breakfast & Salad Bar is here to help. 


Muzzi’s menu is already an explosion of enthusiasm and colors. Salads are clearly the stars, and they are illustrated on the whole page by Eleonora Borgo. The obviously seasonal recipes are inviting and delicious, from Miss Q. with peach, avocado and feta, to Paul with octopus, apricots and basil. But of course there are also completely vegetarian options, and there is no shortage of fusion inspirations such as Lady Thai with coconut chicken and spices. We would like to try them all; and we have many good reasons to do so, because Elena is not only an illustrator, but above all a naturopath specialized in holistic nutrition, who has studied the combinations to ensure their nutritional balance and enhance natural properties of the ingredients, all told on the menu. 

Muzzi Breakfast & Salad Bar - Milano

The same attention paid to the creation of the menu is also dedicated to the environment of the restaurant. Large wooden tables, many plants, and a colored wallpaper that immediately brings joy, create an atmosphere that invites relaxation and sharing. If once you try it you realize you want it all the time, know that Muzzi also welcomes us for breakfast, with sweet bowls that you can customize, and which are centrifuged and smoozzy. Traditionalists? Don’t miss the brioche stuffed at the moment (the one with Colzani hazelnut cream is amazing!). Tastings of cheeses, fish and mini bowls of cereals or legumes accompany us instead for an aperitif. 

Muzzi Breakfast & Salad Bar - Milano

Before you go, remember to stop by the counter for a chat. Muzzi is also a place where stories meet; like the one behind the name of the place, which is what Jessica, Eleonora’s partner, called her mother, a teacher who is passionate about salads. It’s a love handed down between generations, which now also reaches us.

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