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  • Caffè Paszkowski
    Piazza della Repubblica, 6, 50123 Firenze FI

    Piazza della Repubblica is one of the focal points of Florence. Over the centuries, it has changed its face many times, yet in our days it has preserved an...

  • Torre Cremeria Bar
    Corso Regio Parco, 28, 10153 Torino TO

    Test it out, ask a Sicilian for advice on where to eat granita in Turin. Rest assured that there will only be one answer: Torre Cremeria Bar. Here, we...

  • Orso Laboratorio Caffè
    Via Claudio Luigi Berthollet, 30h, 10125 Torino TO

    If you think coffee is a good choice not only early in the morning before work, you should definitely take the time to stop at Orso Laboratorio Caffè. This is...

  • Torteria Berlicabarbis
    Via Po, 11, 10124 Torino TO

    If Berlicabarbis in Piedmontese dialect literally means “to lick one’s mustache”, a store that bears this name can only be mean this: delicious delicacies prepared by hand that will excite every moment of your...

  • Oronero Firenze
    Piazza de' Pitti, 1r, 50125 Firenze FI

    Until a few years ago, the tea culture was not widespread in Italy. Although tea as a hot drink has existed in our peninsula for more than two centuries,...

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