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The Mexican cocktail bar that amazes Porta Venezia by "shuffling the deck" at the table.

Nestled in the eclectic neighborhood of Porta Venezia, at 28 Via Melzo, Eppolino is the latest addition to the Eppol family, keeping company with the nearby Eppol Pie and its cousin in Porta Romana, the Dhole. This cocktail bar introduces itself as an intimate and cozy meeting place, pervaded by a warm Mexican soul that is reflected in its food offerings, unique furnishings, and novel, intriguing drink list.

Upon crossing the threshold of this Milanese address for good drinks, you find yourself immersed in a striking location, where a curvy wooden structure follows the wall to the end of the room, and the green ceiling with cascading plants makes the atmosphere fresh and captivating. A spectacular stone counter – the stage for an excellent mixology – brings to mind Mexican mines, sparking curiosity and guiding the eye towards numerous Latin-inspired details.


Once seated at the table, you’ll be handed a curious bag adorned with colorful Mexican prints: inside, you’ll find Eppolino’s unique drink list, presented as a set of custom-made tarot cards. The beautiful illustrations and effective descriptions of the Signature Drinks on the cards guide your choice among various flavors and aromas, such as fruity, herbaceous, sour, and umami. Chupacabra, Alebrije, and Chamàn are just a few of the cocktail names that lead your palate on a discovery of Mexican ingredients and tastes, in a symphony of Tequila and Mezcal capable of transporting you from Porta Venezia to Latin America in one sip. At Eppolino, sunset is the perfect time of day to enjoy a diverse food & drink offering. The menu features Mexican-Italian fusion tapas to be discovered bite by bite. An unmissable selection of tacos with intriguing and appetizing combinations, as well as raw fish and meat, burgers, and “para compartir” dishes, where crispy nachos, plantain chips, and double-cooked corn on the cob stand out, all contribute to an aperitif characterized by dishes and cocktails with a Latin soul.


Eppolino is the new place to be in Porta Venezia, where you can experience a surprising mixology and cuisine with Mexican influences. It’s a refined spot where you can let yourself be won over by an ever-evolving offering, the perfect blend of aesthetics, experimentation, and taste.

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