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Giratempo Vintage

Rediscover the past with style

How many times have you entered a vintage store expecting to get your hands on a nice designer dress and then find yourself in the middle of piles of old and felted clothes with barely recognizable labels? We have an answer for you: too often. For this reason it was fantastic to find, during our walks in Borgo degli Albizi, a little shop that is worth exploring: Giratempo Vintage.

The shop could go unnoticed, located as it is in Piazzetta Calamandrei, and it’s precisely its position, far away, from the usual locations that intrigues. Only two kinds of places are located in somewhat hidden areas: the terrible ones and the magnificent ones. Fortunately, Giratempo Vintage falls into the second category. Entering for the first time, the space may seem cramped, but it’s all part of the atmosphere. At the door, the owner will show you a narrow staircase that descends into a basement, with walls covered in leather jackets and decorative kimonos. At the bottom of the stairs, you will find the actual shop: a collection of vintage designer clothes, unique pieces, accessories and sneakers that fills the entire low-vaulted room.

Pietro, the owner, has been dealing with second-hand clothes for a long time and personally knows all the big trade venues in the sector. For about three years he has patiently accumulated a collection of unique pieces, rarities of clothing, relics of fashion and put them together to create Giratempo, his magnum opus. And we must recognize that Pietro has an eye for beautiful clothes. The women’s section is wider than the men’s, and also includes a selection of bags displayed at the entrance of the store in an antique sideboard. For the rest, the shop takes little care of the form and focuses on the substance: a winning bet.

The result? A mine of occasions where quality is guaranteed. If you are looking for a designer piece popped out of the past, Giratempo is the place for you.

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