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Clan Upstairs

The iconic concept store in the heart of Brera

More than a shopping place, Clan Upstairs is a lifestyle. This iconic concept store aims at inspiring its clients and not just providing a classic shopping experience. Located in the Brera district, the place made of concrete floors and raw walls has a quite vibrant urban look that matches well with its concept and creates a young and modern vibe.

Clan Upstairs

Clearly turned towards ‘Research and Innovation’, the team carefully selects new and innovative brands both for Women and Men. The original reason behind Clan Upstairs was actually to bring a fresh perspective to Milan’s Fashion and Social Scene which is why it is all about spotting talents and presenting their very creative rising labels. The lively and engaging environment of this concept store is highly favourable to the creation of a new dialogue between the brands and their customers and ultimately to the support of these niche labels.

Clan Upstairs

Nevertheless, some more famous brands keeping an authentic vision are also available if you are looking for slightly more ‘mainstream’ fashion. In addition to these choices, you can find the store’s official label baptised ‘Clan Upstairs’ that was the fruit of years of collaborations between the founder and the best manufacturers in Italy. The items created for that line further reflect the store’s philosophy of a constant research of quality and novelty.

Clan Upstairs

Finally, even though I would definitely recommend a stop to its store, online shopping remains a possibility and its website can be a good way to keep up with its appealing program!

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