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The Best Cocktail Bars in Florence

Bored this evening? Drink up

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Drinking well is a right for everyone, but behind every right there is always a duty and behind a duty, there are people who fight with great strength and tenacity. This article is dedicated to those professionals and fighters of mixology who are committed every day to offering passion, experience and products of the highest quality to all of us, that love to exercise in Florence the most sacred of rights: to drink well.

From alchemists to mixologists, from evangelists to pioneers, from bartenders to obsessive perfectionists. In the list below you will find all those who make you feel good, who pamper us and offer us sublime experiences, both in the real gesture of drinking, both in the magical place where they work to give us a relaxing, pleasant and unique moment.

Here are our favorites, our fighters in the name of the cocktail experience of Florentine excellence, to which we dedicate a sincere toast … Salute!


Piazza Santo Spirito

Rasputin - Firenze

At first sight it looks like the cave of a magician, an aristocratic and obscure place like the underground where the Siberian mystic who gives his name to the place found his end. But, if at Rasputin you will find your end, it will be because you have looted the incredible drink list, full of unique cocktails inspired by the old world of speakeasies. With the speakeasies of the past, the bar shares the secrecy of the location and the unique atmosphere, with a mood suspended between elegance and mystery, candles at tables and waiters in shirts and vests. Impossible to miss it, if you can find it first.


Via delle Seggiole, 12/R

I migliori cocktail bar di Firenze

The Locale doesn’t deserve such a generic name, given the importance of its location. It’s located inside Palazzo delle Seggiole, one of the most important Renaissance residences in the city. The ancient opulence of the Medici Florence is still preserved inside and lives in the cocktails of the bar: spectacular creations with an international soul signed by Matteo di Ienno, a mixologist of great experience, and above all, of great creativity and mastery.

Bitter Bar – Cocktail Experience

Via di Mezzo, 28/R

I migliori cocktail bar di Firenze

The patron and mixologist Cristian Guitti thought of an out-of-the-box experience for the guests of his Bitter Bar. The basic philosophy is to transport the most refined gastronomic techniques to the world of mixology, nevertheless using simple and fresh ingredients. The use of infusions, smoking and products aged in cask gives drinks a nice complexity that never becomes abstruse. The pleasure of drinking, at Bitter, is always based on drinks, their pleasentness, their genuineness. Obviously, the experience offered by the patron Guitti is very complete, pleasing,not only the taste, but also the sight thanks to an exceptional care for the aesthetic side of the single cocktail.


Piazza di S. Pancrazio, 1/R

I migliori cocktail bar di Firenze

A cocktail bar where Italian excellences aren’t just behind the counter, but are also lined up on the bottle shelf. The concept behind Manifattura, the realm of mixologist Fabiano Fabiani, focuses only on Italian labels, in an absolutely modern context, perfect for the evening hours with its dark walls and its spaces multiplied by mirrors. The cocktails are unexpected and full of inventiveness, and there is also a good food proposal to accompany their “descent”. And, we assure you, these drinks are true pleasure in a glass.

La Ménagère

Via Dè Ginori, 8/R

La Mènagére - Firenze

Originally it was an houseware shop, the oldest in the city, founded in 1896. Today, La Ménagère is a concept-restaurant where you can feel at home surrounded by design and a unique, shabby chic, aesthetic. At Ménagère, the cocktail is something constantly new and kept up to date. The experimental phase never ends: there is always a new combination to try, a new flavor to be conquered. Along with the drink, you can enjoy the signature tapas, small gastronomic miracles no less unique and daring than the drinks.

Mad – Souls & Spirits

Borgo S. Frediano, 36-38/R

MAD Souls & Spirits - Firenze

Neri Fantechi and Julian Biondi are the patrons of this little jewel in San Frediano, and already from the pages of the menu, they define themselves as “foul-mouthed and noisy”. Their mood is the mood of the whole bar, but the look is very contemporary thaks to its cerulean walls furrowed by copper serpentines and simple, essential furnishings. The main attention, however, should be the drink list, full of twists on the most famous traditional drinks, each accompanied by a fun punchline, further evidence of the strong sense of humor that permeates the entire place.


Via de’ Vecchietti, 6

Tabarin - Firenze

A refined, slightly dark, slightly dreamy place, with its dense shadows and the dim lights that set the red-colored walls, on which, with their unique color elements, white busts of statues stand out. Overall, it looks like a David Lynch movie set, the only difference is you can drink in it. The counter shines like a star in the dim light, loaded with bottles like a tree is loaded with fruits. The mixologists bring out the best from every single drop, and even the tastings speak of a world of gourmet refinements. Unforgettable.

Atrium Bar – Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Borgo Pinti, 99

Atrium Bar Four Seasons - Firenze

The location, which is the ground floor of Palazzo della Gherardesca, is worthy of an emperor. An appropriate opulence for a place like the Atrium Bar, which is truly a triumph of splendor in all its facets. The bar is a multi-purpose place: you can have lunch or tea, but the best things happen in the late afternoon, when the cocktail glasses are filled and the bottles are uncorked. In the evening, there’s musical entertainment and the bar becomes a place from another era, reminiscent of the old Hollywood movies. You cannot miss its magical atmosphere.

Fusion Bar

Vicolo dell’Oro, 3

I migliori cocktail bar di Firenze

This bar with restaurant is the next level of mixology. Why is an aperitif here an unforgettable experience? Two reasons: tapas and cocktails. Tapas are absolute gastronomic jewels, combining Japanese, Italian and South American suggestions. Cocktails, on the other hand, are all original creations, from the first to the last. Our favorite is Herbal Martini, an incredible twist on the great mixology classic, but even the Lychee Collins shouldn’t be underestimated. In general, prepare yourself for an experience that goes beyond all limits. You won’t be disappointed.

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