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10 Corso Como

A marvelous micro-world full of art in a city on the move

10 Corso Como is in constant evolution, every day a new card is added to the marvelous mosaic we call life” quote Carla Sozzani. A marvelous micro-world in a city on the move, a world full of art which it releases from every corner, terrace and garden, as much in the gallery as in the restaurant.


Created at the beginning of the ‘90s and wanted by Carla Sozzani, the chosen space was a large block of apartments with shared balconies lined by railings dating back to the early 20th century – which previously housed a mechanic – at number 10 Corso Como. Extremely different from the modern day structure, today the building has become an honest to goodness space to be explored. The idea is to propose the best from A to Z, combining products and emotions and opening the mind through every sense.

10 Corso Como

Walking through the large front door on the road you find yourself in a garden full of plants and tables: on the ground floor there is a bar, a restaurant and the entrance to the store. Instead on the upper level there is the art gallery and the bookshop. Last to arrive, in 2003, in a building that shares the same courtyard, there is the 3 Rooms Hotel, an exclusive boutique hotel with only three suites inside, impeccably furnished, a perfect mix of patterns, textures and colors.

10 Corso Como

“Toccami became my goal, I dreamed of a place where people could meet, sit and chat …” is all that happens when we try to discover and experience 10 Corso Como, immersing ourselves in this concept and completely losing ourselves in it. While we look at the details of a wonderful dress by Azzedine Alaïa, or when, at the bookshop, we don’t know where to start and our look (sometimes not attentive) is captured by “Three at Last” by Jean-Baptiste Mondino.

10 Corso Como

Or even while we are enjoying that sunset from the terrace and wecan see the beautiful Milan of times gone by, with its modern side that advances day by day and enjoy the warm color of the sun that illuminates and gives life to the sculptures and ceramics of Kris Ruhs. While sipping a glass of French red wine, sitting in that table, there in the corner, apparently so isolated and discreet, surrounded by greenery overlooking this garden so hidden and private.

10 Corso Como

Inside, everything is lived with extreme and elegant calm. By hiding in these places, we feel like children again, we run away from all the frenzy of a city in constant change. Like the little Charlie Bucket in the Chocolate Factory, we too are immersed in a fairytale world … We discover again all the enchantment and desire for art, culture and everything that manages to steal us every time we pass that intense green door.

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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