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Evening dress rental: dress sharing is fashionable in Milan

A second life for your wardrobe with Revest

Ever since the high fashion clothing and accessory rental service, Revest, arrived in the Milanese capital, feeling like a star crossing the red carpet has suddenly become an achievable dream for everyone. Thanks to the intuition of the young founder – Costanza Beretta – all Milanese with a strong taste in dress, can rent their looks for an important occasion. By relying on Revest, in fact, you can access the wardrobe of wonders that every woman would like to have, even for just one evening.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

The focus of Revest – as the name suggests – consists of reviving a garment that is currently unused, through rental. Thanks to their team and personalized service, you can choose, according to the occasion, among wonderful high fashion items, to be selected directly on the website or to try at the Milan showroom, on the occasion of a dedicated “one- to-one.” An exclusive, deco-inspired showroom that calls to mind an atelier, with wooden wardrobes and shelves, velvet seats with soft lines, a warm light and small touches of delightfully retro furnishings.

Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

The most interesting aspect, however, is that you can also rent out your beautiful clothes. What better occasion, with the changing of the seasons that comes silently knocking on the door, to make some space in your closet? The rental service for an “owner” is simple and quick: a few steps and your dress will be picked up by a courier and delivered to the team who will evaluate it and add it to the wardrobe of wonders. Some precautions to keep in mind in order to avoid a return: only clothing (not accessories) will be accepted, in perfect condition. The Revest team will take care of ensuring that they remain so, thanks to their collaboration with the best seamstresses on the market.


Revest has charmed (for more than a year) contemporary women who love to change and are not afraid to share their favorite looks, and those who value sustainable fashion that allows you to put a brake on excessive shopping and waste production


Revest presents the perfect answer to the dynamism of the Milanese, who are always in search of the latest trend in terms of elegance and savoir faire.


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