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The best places to eat pancakes in Milan

Happy Pancake Day everyone!

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Today, according to the Christian calendar, we celebrate Shrove Tuesday, which is also known as “pancake day”.

What is it about? Just like our holiday, Pancake Day is nothing more than the feast day that precedes the fasting period of Lent. The aim is essentially to get rid of all the fatty foods that you have at home, in light of the gastronomic cleanse 40 days before Easter.

The British, always a step ahead of us when it comes to fatty foods, have found the perfect way to celebrate this day: what could be better than pancakes on Shrove Tuesday?

Luckily, for us, pancakes have become a widespread dish across the world, not just in the country of his Majesty. Here are some addresses where you will find the best pancakes to eat in Milan so you can properly indulge in this new tradition.


Viale Premuda, 14
Viale Solari, 34

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

L’Ov Milan is a place that makes you feel at home. The retro atmosphere, the antique tiles, the wooden and wrought iron seats create a pleasant sensation that invites you to relax and enjoy a delicious dish. Everyday the boys of L’Ov Milano are ready to serve pancakes with maple syrup or Nutella, jam or fresh fruit. In short, there really is something for everyone.


Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

Rita & Cocktails is the classic local restaurant that surprises you every time you enter. Once seated you won’t know what to focus on. The huge counter surrounded by well organized bottles or the array of pancakes perfectly aligned on top of each other, dripping with maple syrup and berries served for Sunday brunch?


Via Benvenuto Cellini, 1

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

Cocotte is a bakery hidden from the chaos of Cinque Giornate. Simple but elegant at the same time, it gives arias a little retro but will transport you to Provence with its white tables and decoupage of colorful flowers on the walls. During brunch on Saturday and Sunday Cocotte serves pancakes with basic sugar icing plus additional jams of your preference.


Piazza Riccardo Wagner, 3

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

Dedans is influenced by many things, including hospitality, refinement, elegance, but above all Paris. The French bistro, complete with a romantic flowered terrace, is one of the most magical corners bringing France to Milan. In addition to the classic croissants and pain au chocolat, the pancakes here are beautifully delicious.


Varie sedi

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

California Bakery is the most famous American food chain in Milan, to the point that it has almost become an institution in the city. Different locations but the same menu, which obviously takes note from traditions overses. The menu includes many options such as sweet pancakes with Nutella and maple syrup or savory ones with bacon and eggs.   


Via Medici, 4

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

The atmosphere that reigns at Ostello Bello, despite the vintage decor, is young and international. Large tables seemed to have been made in the mail in orderto exchange a few words – strictly in English- making people aware. The quality of food for an affordable  is a strong point of this place that offers excellent pancakes to guests and visitors on the weekend. 


Via Emilio Morosini, 4

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

From Mugs & Co you will feel like you are on a bridge that connects the classic Italian bars with the cozy bakeries in London. This is a small but cozy room with chairs, sofas and even a few tables outside in the warmer seasons. The menu is written on blackboards all around the counter and their pancakes are known as one of their most popular dishes.


Via Savona, 2

I 10 migliori pancake di Milano

Ofelè is a very small gem in Milan that will give you joy. However, the full name of the restaurant is Ofelè Caffè & Coccole. Mariagrazia and Stefania, mother and daughter, are the two chefs who give the restaurant an unmistakable scent of home and goodness. Pancakes are both sweet and savory, but the real peculiarity is that they are freshly prepared with the flour of your choice: 00, wholemeal, buckwheat or chickpea.