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5 British style locations in Milan

Rediscover the charm of old England in the streets of Milan

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The charm of the British style is a bit like a kiss between two lovers under the Eiffel Tower, the majesty of the Milan Cathedral that always leaves you speechless, or the adrenaline of coming home after a travel. It’s like the vertigo that comes in the face of a New York skyscraper, when you belt your favorite song as it plays on the radio, and again, like the obstinacy of our grandmothers who repeatedly tell us to eat even when we’ve had enough. Something timeless, that makes you smile or argue, that you may like or dislike, but for one reason or another, by accident or on purpose, you stumble onto at least once in your life.

The British mania is a bit of a trend, a little fact and a bit of a lifestyle. It is especially well received by nostalgics who look to the past with melancholy and admiration. If you feel part of this circle and dream of taking a step back in time, here are some addresses in the Milanese capital that will let you rediscover the beauty of dandyism and old England with vintage furnishings and Anglo-Saxon products.


Via Panfilo Castaldi, 25

Elegance and passion are the engines that move this place. Kilburn was the district in London where the owner of the homonymous bar in Porta Venezia area has discovered and has fallen in love with the world of mixology and good drinking. This address is perfect for those who want to explore new flavors while sipping sophisticated quality cocktails with whiskey, selected rums, premium aromas and spirits. Elite and luxurious, accompanied by gourmet delicacies. Here, “drinking” is a serious matter and once seated around its tables one takes part in a real sensorial tasting journey. Inside the location, every detail is not accidental. The pure English Style furniture gives life to a warm and chic environment.


Via Agnello, 8

5 indirizzi British style a Milano

Historical workshop from 1768, born of an idea by Giuseppe Guenzati at the time of the Habsburg government: Ditta Guenzati has on its curriculum more than 2 centuries of activity behind and the title of oldest shop in Milan. A microcosm that is always on the move and keeps pace with the times, and which owes its fame to the trade in fine fabrics for clothing, flanked by a wide selection of tweeds, fine combed dress and Scottish tartans, followed by a selection of accessories, knitwear and gifts. All products are strictly Anglo-Saxon.


Via Melzo, 34

5 indirizzi British style a Milano

BRITISH BOX has all it takes to look like one of those shops where you could stumble safely in Mayfair. A corner of the United Kingdom in the heart of Milanese Porta Venezia that researches and proposes articles that are not so much tied to fashions or trends, as to solidity and tradition. In addition to being a concentrate of products ranging from leather goods to desserts, through objects from the Queen’s Country, it represents a bastion of the art of shaving.


Piazza XXIV Maggio, 8 at The Yard Hotel

5 indirizzi British style a Milano

The Doping Club within The Yard Hotel offers an experience that will make you feel as if you are in 1920s England. It offers refined dandy drinks that you can comfortably enjoy sitting on vintage sofas, while an atmosphere of other times envelops you. Passing through this cocktail bar, you enter into one of the best kept secrets of Milanese Mixology: Wootsu Society, an exclusive club where, to enter, it seems necessary to please a certain Mr. Lee …


Via Lanzone, 33

5 indirizzi British style a Milano

Voluntarily inaugurated outside the streets of the excellent shopping district, Coolness is a clothing and accessories shop that has brought the “British attitude” to Milan since 1998 with its philosophy of research, innovation and attention to detail. Last year it celebrated its twentieth anniversary. Here, you can find everything you need to dress like a very English man, wearing 80s casual clothes – made to measure – that wink at the Italian style and context.

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