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5 digital communities for the Milanese

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The digital revolution simplified the way we find other people that shares our interests, the way we make new acquaintances and discover new things in common. We can consider ourselves lucky because Milan is the smartest and most well-connected city in Italy. Thanks to its many digital initiatives the things to do multiplied and new occasions hide behind every corner. There are communities for everything: move around the city, train together with new people, organize dinners, do shopping or avoid wastes of food.

We at Flawless Milano selected, among all of these initiatives, the most practical and innovative ones that are active in town and we’re sure that what you will find on this list will come in handy sooner or later. So, heads up and pay attention: the new members could be you.


5 Digital community per i milanesi | Gnammo

A gastronomic social network where you can organize every type of event that concerns food and eating together. Are you ready for a social dinner? The cooks put up their event along with the chosen menu and available seats at the table, you book your seat, pay your quota and it’s a date. Of course the cook can choose who to host and the guests can leave a feedback on him. This project was born five years ago and already is quite successful all over Italy: after all, the table is the oldest social network in the world. This is a way to meet new people and, for the cooks who host, to gain a little something. It doesn’t stop at dinners: there are also cooking classes, happy hours, request menus and personal chefs. Like a Uber but for food!



We already move across the city with bikes and we are all familiar with the concept of bike-sharing. Now, with Spinebike, the private bike and the “shared” one become one single thing: a smart lock that you can handle from the Spinecoin app on your phone allows you to monitor your bike that you can lend to other users. From this, you also get something: for every kilometer covered, you’ll gain a Spinecoin in your digital wallet. Spincoins are a digital coin that you can spend in the Spinebike shop or in the ones of their partners. A way to earn something, train and entering the Spinebike community.


5 Digital community per i milanesi | Adidas Runners

The oasis for runners is in Corso Sempione and it’s called Adidas Runbase. This community was born to support the running-lovers not only giving them a place devoted to them with showers and lockers but also two “captains”, Fabrizio and Sara, a nutritional expert, an athletic trainer, a medical coach, a personal trainer that creates ad hoc programs for each runner and a couple of young yoga teachers that you won’t forget soon. The community also organizes events, gives the possibility to try on the newest running shoes and  plans group trainings.


5 Digital community per i milanesi | Front Row Tribe

With this community you can rent or buy your favorite clothes. You just have to sign up with your e-mail, find the look you want among hundreds of clothes and accessories for every occasion, schedule the delivery and wear it. The shipment and the returning of the clothes is free and a small insurance covers eventual minor damages. When you sign in you’ll give your measures so that the dress you order is perfectly fitted to your body. The online platform doubles as a shop where you can buy some of the clothes.


5 Digital community per i milanesi | Last Minute Sotto Casa

An incredible initiative against the waste of food created in Turin in 2014. LMSC puts in contact the shop owners that have unsold surplus goods and the nearby consumers that can buy them at a competitive price. In doing so you avoid wastes of food and help everyone: the planet, the shop owners and yourself. All of this saving money, helping the environment and the small local activities. In short, come on board!

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