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5 jewelers for dreamers

Discovering the jewelers that always have a new story to tell

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A jewel is the essence of the search for beauty. Since the dawn of time we have challenged the resistance of metals and precious stones, not so much for practical purposes as for the ephemeral goal of creating ornaments that bring the wonder of unique and precious objects on ourselves. The charm of these works that combine art and technique has remained unchanged, as well as the ability of these objects to cross the time, passing from generation to generation along the stories of families and collectors.

For the most refined admirers, or simply for dreamers who seek a unique story and personality in a jewel, finding the piece that speaks to one’s heart means, however, shunning commercial productions and looking for singular creations, the fruit of creativity and study of artisans who gather inspirations around the world or in their dreams and translate them concretely into jewels with skilled and expert hands. Here are five addresses that you can not miss in Milan if you are also looking for “your own”jewel.

Haruko Ito Gioielli Poetici       

Via Tivoli, 8

5 gioiellerie per sognatori - Milano

Haruko Ito is a Japanese artist and the name she chose for her boutique in Brera perfectly reflects the essence of her production. Her jewels are original creations that refer to emotions and suggestions and, at the same time, capture the observer’s gaze, which remains enchanted to observe them from infinite perspectives. Just note the names of the collections to understand all the poetry of concepts typically associated with oriental philosophy and nature: “wa” (circle, harmony), bamboo, desert … Do not miss the reinterpretations of Haruko of great classics like light point, the solitaire and the faiths. Perfect for those who want to give a new twist to tradition with surprising and never predictable elegance.


Via Caminadella, 6

5 gioiellerie per sognatori - Milano

Undoubtedly it is not a jewelry for everyone. Antonio Pilusio, the soul of Pilgiò, works gold but a careless eye would not recognize the noblest of metals in his creations. The distinctive feature of these pieces is precisely the realization in dumb golda technique that makes the surface of the metal not smooth and shiny as we are accustomed to seeing, but rough, almost porous, with a texture that recalls that of natural elements such as the rock and the earth. A strongly material connotation also marks the collections that with gold melt not only diamonds, but also unexpected elements such as steel or ironwork waste, surprising our senses and making us doubt our perceptions. Discreet elegance, for those who do not need the sparkle to recognize the value; because gold is not just that which glitters.

Agapanthus gioielli

Via Cerva, 14

5 gioiellerie per sognatori - Milano

Yellow, white and pink gold, silver and many varieties of precious and semiprecious stones. These materials are handmade in a laboratory on Como Lake and then transformed into elegant creations with a retro allure for Agapanthus. The imprint of an all-female team is very recognizable in the soft lines that outline light shapes like those of the “Rametto” line, inspired by the profiles of the plant kingdom; but also the search for colors is just as accurate, as in the rainbow of sapphires that illuminates the last spring collection “Hope”, where every nuance has its own meaning. Marvelous solitaire and wedding rings for brides who want something unusual and refined with which to represent their love story. The Milanese boutique is located between San Babila and Largo Augusto but you can also find their stores in Monza, Lecco and Bergamo.

Daniela De Marchi

Via dei Piatti, 9

5 gioiellerie per sognatori - Milano

Daniela’s jewels are unmistakable: her signature is the dropage, the texture of her creations, a technique that gives metals (silver, bronze and brass) the appearance of a thousand small drops, like dew collected on the flowers in an early morning winter. Daniela’s inspiration combines these shapes with an assortment of stones of a thousand colors: Amazonite, Aventurine, Labradorite, Amethyst, Carnelian, and still other gems that seem to come out directly from the jewelry box of a fairytale princess. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings come to light in the atelier of Via dei Piatti which is complemented by the boutique in the Porta Venezia area.

Moh gioielli

Viale Gorizia, 4

5 gioiellerie per sognatori - Milano

In this laboratory in the Navigli area, a team of artisans realizes original creations in a great variety of styles and materials. The metals range from gold to bronze, often embracing stones and pearls. The forms, on the other hand, range from natural, sinuous elements and almost crude textures to the geometric rigor of abstract shapes. Also available small pieces (at small prices) such as silver rings with the shapes of a heart, a bike or a camera, perfect even for an cheap but effective gift idea. Distinguishing marks: the on-sight laboratory, which allows the most curious to be fascinated by the work of the artisans and the possibility to bring your ideas into boutiques: the team will make them according to your wishes.

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