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Some delicious lunch spots around Città Studi

The ultimate treasure island of gastronomy...

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If you throw a stone in any corner of Milan, you will most likely hit a good restaurant. Ethnic, bistro, trattorias, Japanese – there is literally everything in this city. Yet often our awareness stops within our own residential area, and we have no idea of what others have to offer. Meanwhile, a neighborhood like Città Studi, home to the Politecnico University and a stone’s throw from Porta Venezia, far away from beaten tourist paths, is truly a treasure island of gastronomy.

This ranking is about the best places to eat in the afternoon. What makes for a perfect lunch? It’s fast, not too expensive, delicious and light. Five restaurants below offer just that. We collected both traditional and more exotic suggestions, because even in a rush we don’t have to abandon the curiosity of our character, and after all, you can’t live only on sushi. Are you ready? Let’s get started.

Nun – Taste of Middle East | Via Lazzaro Spallanzani 36

Nun - Taste of Middle East 2Photo credit © Nun – Taste of Middle East

Kebab is one of the anchors of street food as we know it. Here at Nun Taste of Middle East this tradition is preserved thanks to 100% Italian meats and a menu that provides you with an unconditional choice of ingredients and seasonings. The place is small but cared for in every detail, there are no waiters, but a canteen-style self service. It’s also a great choice for vegetarians: their felafel is one of the best in the city.

Alba d’oro | Via Giovanni Battista Morgagni 40

Alba d'Oro MilanoPhoto credit © Alba D’Oro

A traditional Tuscan trattoria very close to Corso Buenos Aires. You will never go wrong stopping here for lunch and enjoying abundant portions, warm welcome and honest prices. If you have time for a proper meal, with starters, first and second courses, do not hesitate to try their platter of cold cuts, gnocco fritto (fried dumpling) or crostini (crispy bread). Alba d’Oro is definitely the most expensive place on the list as it is more of a gourmet restaurant, for the rest, quality deserves due reimbursement. Their signature dishes are pasta with wild boar ragu and pie with asparagus and pecorino cheese. The restaurant is always busy, we advise prior booking.

Poporoya | Via Bartolomeo Eustachi 17

Poporoya MilanoPhoto credit © Poporoya

Poporoya is by now a legend, and keeps adhering to the highest standards day by day. An authentic corner of Japan transported to Milan, this is not your usual sushi bar which you can come across at every corner. The place is small, booking is not available, but the speed of service is astonishing. Inside, at the tables resembling those in restaurants of Tokyo, joy is contagious. Shiro, the chef, is always there behind his separé, and it’s a spectacle watching him work. Chirashi is an absolute must try in Milan, everyone has ordered it at least once and can’t help but come back and repeat. To complete the meal, we also recommend eels, sake and Japanese beers.

Divina Piadina | Viale Abruzzi 21

Divina Piadina 2Photo credit © Divina Piadina

This artisanal piadineria will surprise you. It’s fresh, light, but above all refined. Piadas are, of course, the specialty (try the wholegrain kind), but there is also a wide variety of cold dishes, cold cuts and desserts. The service is impeccable, provided by knowledgeable and helpful staff. Just ask, and they will suggest the best pairing of wines and beers for your order. The place is spacious and with many tables, yet always crowded. There is an option of eating outside, but in case you are planning to sit down, first come first served.


Photo Credit – Cover Picture & Michetta’s: Federica Santeusanio