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5 NIO cocktails perfect for summer

The perfect summer situations to toast with the drinks by NIO- Needs Ice Only

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The much-coveted summer in the grey rainy days has arrived, and with it, has brought the first sea bathing, light clothing and sunburn. We had already talked about NIO-Needs Ice Only and how it is able to revolutionize your summer by bringing good drinking out of conventional locations.

NIO’s ready-to-drink cocktails are perfect even for the laziest ones who, especially with the heat, want to save their energy. The packaging is light and functional and three simple steps are enough to enjoy an excellent drink mixed by expert hands without the need to sit at the counter of the best cocktail bar: shake the package, tear off the edge and finally pour the contents into a full glass of ice. Now you just have to find the right opportunity to toast. If you need suggestions, here are 5 perfect NIO cocktails to make the most of your summer.

COSMOPOLITAN | Women night

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

Have you organized a women only evening to speak (ill) of someone with your friends? Are you planning a takeaway sushi to compare yourself on the latest swimsuit you have bought, on the gossip of the period and on your holiday destination? There is nothing better than the iconic pink drink at the cranberry to toast this evening. Did you know that the cocktail owes its name to the famous women’s magazine?

DAIQUIRI | Reunion with your old friends

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

Finally the reunion with the high school friends or university classmates is organized. Everybody present. Out of town trip? Dinner at the friend’s house with the pool? Getting together again, in the same place, after a long time is a very rare occasion. Is there perhaps a better excuse than this to toast? The Daiquiri of NIO, no doubt, will make everyone agree.

TOMMY’S MARGARITA | A dip with your friends

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

Your friend who has always been a tour operator of the group has planned a boat trip to discover semi-deserted coves? Have you planned a day at the beach or by the pool for weeks? The ideal solution to take to the galley or to avoid the crowded banks of the shores is a conspicuous stock of Tommy’s Margarita. NIO has the perfect twist to celebrate this reunion: the triple sec is replaced by the agave syrup extracted from a fat plant from Mexico.

NEGRONI | Aperitivo on the terrace

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

Are you not on vacation yet and, returning home after a working day, do you just want to relax with a good aperitivo? At the restaurant there was only room at 9:30pm and do not know how to cheat the wait? Indulge yourself with a Negroni ready to drink by NIO, comfortably seated on your terrace, or on a friend’s one, add chips and olives and voilà, your aperitivo is served effortlessly and without buying any bottles.

BOULEVARDIER | For travellers

NIO Needs Ice Only - Milano

The name Boulevardier derives from the French, from boulevard, street, and was coined at the time of the creation of the cocktail to define “a street person” in the positive sense of the word. What better cocktail then to relax “on the road” during a trip? The summer is the ultimate season of departures, by car, by ship, by train, by plane … Inaugurate the start of the holidays with a good Boulevardier, taking care to keep the packs away from the driver.

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