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5 Premium Services that make life easier for Milanese people

Reduce stress and face unexpected events: in Milan you can

Avant-garde city constantly striving towards progress, but with an indestructible link to tradition, home to opportunities and opportunities to be seized, which never ceases to amaze for its beauty. Milan never sleeps, immersed in a whirlwind of commitments from the first light of morning, at nightfall. Between work, errands and appointments, the frenetic rhythms often prevent you from completing those essential daily chores. The reason? The unexpected on the agenda: the rush hour traffic, the coffee stain on the shirt or the absence from our wardrobe of that perfect dress for a special occasion.

But Milan could not be found unprepared. Flawless has for you the 5 Premium Services that facilitate the life of the Milanese, thanks to which it will be easier to manage the thousand commitments of each day, and enjoy even some fleeting moment of rest. 


Un giorno da star con Revest - Milano

What woman has never had a special occasion planned and then looked in the closet for something to wear, only to find nothing refined or cool enough? Thanks to the intuition of the very young Costanza Beretta, you have the opportunity to feel like a real star, even for just one evening. Revest, the high fashion clothes and accessories rental service, offers a refined selection of the most prestigious maisons garments, kept in a beautiful deco-inspired atelier. “Why buy. Why sell. Rent.” Select the dress of your dreams directly from the online catalog or at the showroom by appointment, enter the address for collection and delivery and you can receive it directly at home, ready to be worn. You also have the opportunity to rent your clothes. What better opportunity to create new wardrobe space? In a dynamic city like Milan, Revest could be the answer to your desires as a true fashionista.


Short or long distances, arriving on time is a real urban challenge, especially during peak times. The services of Uber Black and Uber Lux will transform a simple movement into an enjoyable trip through high-end cars or luxury cars, depending on your destination. All you have to do is download the Uber App, enter the destination, choose the “Black” or “Lux” option and, in a short time, you will find yourself aboard an elegant car. If, on the other hand, you prefer to rely on the more traditional taxi service, FREE NOW is the application for you. Authorized in over 100 cities in Europe, it allows you to book the car up to four days in advance and pay via the app, offering you a safe and comfortable journey. For a sustainable shift from the heart, Helbiz combines mobility and technology by providing scooters and electric bicycles. Locate the nearest vehicle, enjoy the ride and, once you arrive at your destination, always remember to end the rental. 


Whether you own a property to rent or need to optimize visibility and bookings on Airbnb, Sweetguest offers you a complete service, guaranteeing superior returns and secure payments. Short rents are a precious opportunity, but they also require an in-depth knowledge of the platforms on which the advertisements are published and great attention both in the management of the house, both towards guests and their needs. Sweetguest takes care of all the digital, bureaucratic and operational aspects of the big metropolis for you, from the creation of the profile to the professional photo shoot, from the reception, the cleaning and the laundry service, to the maximization of sales. And to monitor the performance of your properties, just one click is enough to access your personal dashboard.


The frenetic Milan challenges even the most dedicated businessman, who, between a meeting and a work commitment, must manage their laundry. To his rescue, a subscription to CamiciaOnDemand will allow you to receive a set of five or eleven shirts directly at home every week, avoiding the risk of wearing a garment wrinkled or ruined by a stain that is difficult to remove. By subscribing to a weekly fee, the shirts will be delivered perfectly washed, ironed and equipped with a personalized label, to be collected after use. At the end of the 12-month subscription, you can decide whether to renew it or start a new one, based on the needs of your wardrobe. It’s the ideal solution to ease the stress of the Milanese man,


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Whether for lack of time or for simple laziness, the possibility of receiving home shopping has simplified our routine. And in the tricolor capital of food, you certainly could not miss the ad hoc services, for a fresh, organic and seasonally conscious home. Eataly, the Italian signature of gastronomic excellence has created Eataly Today, a virtual trolley that collects the products we need, ensuring same-day delivery. Through careful packaging, the Eataly Team will supply you, in a short time, with all the freshness and authenticity of the Bel Paese, for recipes with a traditional flavor. For organic addicts, the Cortilia agricultural market, thanks to their dedicated app, allows you to order shopping with a simple click, choosing from a wide selection of artisan products, to be received according to the day and time slot you choose, without delivery costs.  

Bombarded daily by information of all kinds, transmitted by an ever-increasing number of communication tools, we sometimes look for a simplification, a reliable source, a guide. Flawless Milano was born from this need, and tells the best experiences to have in Milan with style, precision and personality.

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