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A relaxing day at Spazio IKOS

A Beauty Day, the best way to restart the year

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Holidays are now distant memories, while life in Milan comes back to its frenetic rhythm, more intense than ever. Every year the same story happens again: we expect to start it again slowly, we deceive ourselves about having time to take a breath and calm down in order to overcome the trauma of returning to the city, and instead, September slaps our faces reminding us that we are already late on the roadmap, from all perspectives. Children, family and friends, it seems like everything comes before ourselves, right now we would need a special cuddle. Take a break, you owe it to yourself, the first half day of your routine, dedicate it to your well-being and go to Spazio IKOS.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

We have already talked about this place at Via Pirandello 4/A, in the heart of the Washington area: more than a beauty salon, more than twenty years of a real reference point for all those who love dedicating some quality time to themselves. At Spazio IKOS you can find a list of treatments for all the beauty needs: face, body, hair removal, manicure and pedicure, and a space, next to the salon, where you can enjoy pilates lessons individual or in a group.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

Why not schedule everything on the same day in order to get the better energy to deal with the year’s new challenges? For the ones that have a little time and often travel by work, and generally, for all those who decide to dedicate themselves a cuddle, and love to do it in a great style, Spazio IKOS has the best plan: the Beauty Day. It’s a half day in which you can renew yourself and also take advantage of a special gift.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

An example? If you schedule the manicure, pedicure, depilation and facial cleansing deluxe, Spazio IKOS gives you a body treatment, such as a massage with the thermal salt, one-hour session, for a total value of €70. Do you prefer to take care of the skin face stressed by the sun? Vitamin C treatments are ideal in this period: with the active ingredients applied directly on the face, the results are immediately visible and come out with hydrated and regenerated skin. Accord to the center’s philosophy, every experience is personal, so you just have to talk to Barbara Petito, the owner, and explain your needs to find the formula that best suits you.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

If you want to lose the boring weight accumulated over the summer holidays (how would be the holidays without breaking the rules?). Then we recommend you to experience Diagnosis of Advanced Aesthetics, which are evaluated the changes made on the diet routine in order to modify them immediately, avoiding its memorization by the body and the accumulation of stress, always too difficult to lose along the year.

Spazio IKOS - Milano

Summing up, well begun is half done. We gave you some ideas to do it, now it’s up to you!


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