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How to make a real Mexican Paloma cocktail

The history and recipe for this beautiful and delicious Tequila-based drink, which can be prepared at home

In the complex universe of mixology, with countless experiments, fantasy, creativity and alchemy have no more boundaries. They are vast lands that skilled bartender-explorers probe day by day, climbing mountains of combinations of colors and ingredients, searching for the perfect combinations. It’s an ongoing research that for them – but fortunately for us – will never end. Each cocktail is, therefore, the result of an inspiration, of an adventure in which they were the star. They come from a particular episode, a broken heart, a memory or even an error, which is all poured into the glass. Today, in this regard, we also want to share a story: that of Paloma.

The drink in question was attributed to the expert Mexican hands of the owner of the well-known but tiny La Capilla bar in the Jalisco region. By combining the distilled spirit par excellence of his country with fruit and soda, he has created a truly iconic drink. Unlike the margarita, it is a less pungent, softer, exotic, sensual drink that has the power of Mexico and a tormented and mysterious feminine charm comparable to Narcos‘ Paulina Gaitàn (a Netflix TV series worthy of binge watching.) It’s full of character that leave their mark. Just like this cocktail.


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While in the world, it is Paloma-mania, the first spring sunshine in the city has started to wipe out the winter cold, and we’re starting to look forward to summer and “good drinks.” In such a particular period in which we found ourselves being “spectators” of the disruption of our lives, put on standby within the walls of the house to comply with preventive measures and necessary decrees, everyone’s effort lies in recreating the dimensions of everyday life. Social networks, now more than ever, are shortening the distances between us and those elsewhere. “Digital parties” on Instagram live and Facebook are the new trick to bring people together from afar, and celebrities in particular, are using these to feel close to fans, friends and colleagues. With a little ingenuity and inventiveness, there are many things you can do without going out. Testing yourself in the kitchen by organizing a Mexican evening based on homemade Paloma is one of the solutions we offer you.

Come preparare un cocktail Paloma da Vero Messicano

The question, therefore, arises spontaneously. How can you prepare one with an authentic taste? To find out, we had a chat with Roby Tardelli, professional mixologist from Dabass and the newly-born Il Enemico, who revealed the recipe to us.

“Paloma is the maximum expression of Mexicanity both in the ingredients and in the soul,” says Roby. “Espolòn Blanco is an ideal product because, in addition to its quality, it represents creativity, the desire to be a game changer and to bring the Mexican spirit in the world.”

Aspiring bartenders, are you ready to experiment? To prepare a Paloma, arm yourself with a Collins glass (high neck), a bar spoon and a jigger (cocktail measuring cup). If you don’t have them, it doesn’t matter, just be creative! You can use, for example, a coffee cup that measures on average 45/50 ml on the rim.

First of all, insert a salt rim on half the edge of the glass and squeeze some fresh lime to obtain 15ml of juice. Pour 60ml of 100% agave tequila blanco into the glass, preferably Espolòn Blanco: the famous Destiladora San Nicolas tequila, produced – not surprisingly – among the Jalisco plateaus. Then add 10ml of agave syrup and filtered lime juice. Mix the liquids with a spoon. Then add ice and finally 120 ml of Thomas Henry pink grapefruit soda.

To decorate, use a slice of lime cut into a ring and pink grapefruit peel by the glass. Et voila, your Paloma is ready.

To make the experience even more complete, we suggest you accompany it with tacos, the famous tortillas stuffed with tasty fillings, for the perfect Mexican combo.

Come preparare un cocktail Paloma da Vero Messicano

You can take inspiration from the Instagram page of Chihuahua Tacos, a real Mexican taqueria, in 100% Milanese style (@chihuahuatacos). Among gluten free tacos, tostadas and quesadillas, let yourself be intrigued by the array of Espolòn tequila-based cocktails. Palomas, Mexican Mules, Margaritas and Copita Tequilas will rule your toasts under this Mexican wave.

If in the future – as soon as you have the chance – you should want to try other tequila-based cocktails, go to Roby Tardelli. For example, take a trip to Dabass to taste the Tijuana Bloody: a cocktail in full Mexican Style, which is an energetic twist on a Bloody Mary with tequila infused with chili pepper. Or we will all meet at Il Nemico to toast – with a Tommy’s margarita – in Milan, Italy and Mexico.

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