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A taste of summer with Rita cocktails

The unmissable drinks of the season that will make you feel like you're already on vacation

Among the numerous places that crowd the Navigli and the recent openings scattered throughout the city, the Rita & Coktails of Edoardo Nono and Gianluca Chiaruttini with its 17 years of activity, continues to spoil and entertain historians and new customers with its atmosphere. Although slightly delayed compared to some others, their newly presented summer cocktail list plays on the fun combination of Likable / Lickable and, as scheduled, is an explosion of summer fruit and freshness.

Torna il brunch di Rita & Cocktails - Milano

Now that the heat is making itself known, it is difficult to do without this place; a stop here for an aperitif after work, for a dinner based on cocktails and comfort food, or for an after dinner with bows is a must, and necessary to overcome the daily frenzy and monotony.

Il sapore dell’estate con i cocktail del Rita - Milano

The mixing of Leonardo Todisco, rigorously based on excellent spirits and fresh fruit, finds the best expression this season: the barman chief, who makes musical and cinematographic suggestions his daily sources of inspiration, seems to have enclosed in his new creations the colors and flavors of Italian and non-Italian summers. The ingredients combine to create new and decisive flavors, with sweet but also bitter tastes. Spices are always present and give the right exotic note that entertains without becoming cloying.

Il sapore dell’estate con i cocktail del Rita - Milano

The drink list does not follow a precise theme: the only leitmotif present is pure creativity – both in the choice of the fresh ingredients and in the processing techniques used – translated into numerous homemade fruit purees, syrups and infusions.

Il sapore dell’estate con i cocktail del Rita - Milano

Experimenters will find their happy island under names such as Moons & Flowers, Windon Licker, Origami or Tamagotchi, which play with the alternation of spirits with aromas, spices and flowers. What did we like most? The Peppermelon Men and the Above the Clouds. The first prepared with earl gray tea gin, watermelon, pepper and lime syrup, the second with a very curious combination of Campari, fresh peach and amaretti mousse. For passion fruit lovers there is Maracaibo with biscuit liqueur, cachaca, passion fruit and cardamom and there is no lack of more meditative options such as Smalltown with Amaro Montengro infused with hops, genever and Luxitter White Bitter.

Il sapore dell’estate con i cocktail del Rita - Milano

What are you waiting for to start your summer? Dal Rita of course.


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