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Aimo e Nadia BistRo

At Rossana's home the kitchen dresses Etro

We live in the age of cultural contamination: diversity becomes synonymous with uniqueness, the dominant ideology takes the name of openness and the most original meetings are harbingers of masterpieces. In the creative universe, there are no paradoxes that are not denied. So, while the luxury dress wears streetwear, the two-starred kitchen becomes a bistro. As always we are in Milan – where, it is well known, we like to make it strange – and we talk about the new Aimo e Nadia BistRo, a very high synthesis of cuisine and design.

BistRo Aimo e Nadia - Milano

Opened April 6, 2018, close to the week dedicated to the Salone del Mobile, the venue is the result of the successful collaboration between the internationally renowned artist and gallery owner Rossana Orlandi, the fashion house Etro and the chefs Alessandro Negrini and Fabio Pisani, stars of the award-winning Milanese restaurant Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia. A den of excellence is, therefore, this small bistro that, sparkling and self-ironic, guides us to the discovery of luxury as stylistic research of a pure, authentic, true and everyday beauty, delicate suspension of time and contemplation of simple things.

BistRo Aimo e Nadia - Milano

Etro took care of the interior decoration, Rossana Orlandi of the object and design, in a mix of charm and strong personality, which combines tones of color, textures, lights and patterns with an irreproducible artistic verve. No ceremonies or bombastic gestures, you choose the release from the superfluous to access what is the heart of the famous cuisine of Aimo and Nadia: dishes that describe our land, prepared with ingredients of first choice, according to a philosophy that honors the territory and the wisdom of Italian culinary tradition.

BistRo Aimo e Nadia - Milano

Here, luxury is a contemplative pause, an essential search for beauty, and as such, it knows no limits whatsoever: Aimo and Nadia BistRo, almost launching an affectionate challenge to the standards of high-end catering, is open from breakfast to after dinner, ready to change clothes every time we ask (we would do it too, if we had a closet entirely signed by Etro, right?). The curious continuous line that goes from coffee with cornetto at 9.00 am, to a bitter after dinner has a very chic look that we sincerely recommend you touch with your hand (or perhaps with a fork, since we are still talking about Michelin stars!).

We can't. That's why every week we share the best experiences milan has to offer.

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