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VÒCE Aimo e Nadia

A choir of art, cuisine and culture

Cuisine, art and culture intertwine in Milan in a choir that sings on the notes of a single VÒCE: the project by VÒCE Aimo and Nadia was born on November 29 2018 inside the Gallerie d’Italia, the museum complex promoted by Intesa San Paolo in Piazza della Scala, between the homonymous theater and Palazzo Marino.

Vòce di Amo e Nadia - Milano

VÒCE is a bookshop, cafeteria and gourmet restaurant in unison, according to a varied and dynamic atmosphere that adapts to the surrounding context of lively activity, responding together to the needs of busy businessmen, high-end shopaholics, art lovers and beauty lovers in all its forms.

Vòce di Amo e Nadia - Milano

Behind VÒCE there is the Pisani-Negrini-Moroni trio which, now synonymous with success, carries on the mission undertaken more than fifty years ago by Aimo and Nadia in person: to give dignity to Italian cuisine, preferring authenticity to dogmas passengers of fashions, classicism to innovation as an end in itself and the territory to influences from across the border. After moving to Milan from Tuscany, in 1962 Aimo and Nadia opened the restaurant which became the place par excellence of the national high gastronomy in Italy and abroad.

Vòce di Amo e Nadia - Milano

Fascinating and solid, therefore, is the legacy of VÒCE, which overlooks one of the most famous historical squares in a city that goes fast, but which, more and more, wishes to return to its origins and savor, between the sweet and the bitter, the taste of lost time. The architecture of the restaurant, designed by Michele De Lucchi, recalls, in the library / cafeteria area, the warm and convivial atmospheres of the literary bistros, while it takes on sophisticated Milanese elegance in the contrasts between woods, marble and metals inside the bright dining room.

Vòce di Amo e Nadia - Milano

The cafeteria is open from breakfast to after dinner, passing through light lunches and aperitifs. Sandwiches, focaccias, cold dishes and pastries are accompanied by a selection of tea and coffee, as well as wines, cocktails and centrifuges. The setting lends itself to a relaxing break in a well-kept and informal environment at the same time, with a vintage and nostalgic Parisian atmosphere.

Vòce di Amo e Nadia - Milano

The restaurant, on the other hand, offers, in addition to the main menu, four other menus: the V MenuCE menu speaks the language of Aimo and Nadia and, in five courses, reveals the heart of Italian classicism on a journey to discover the flavors of the territory and its materials first; the menu dedicated to the Galleries of Italy – currently inspired by Romanticism – takes its name from the artistic initiatives promoted from time to time at the exhibition space; the Children’s menu and the Business Lunch respectively meet the specific needs of the youngest and busiest guests, adapting to an eclectic context such as Piazza della Scala.

Vòce di Amo e Nadia - Milano

VÒCE talks about art and is born of art, with a poster that is poetry written by the writer and advertiser Gavino Sanna, a loyal customer of Il Luogo di Aimo e Nadia:


To tell you that I love you.
At low VÒCE, waiting for your answer, at high VÒCE.
With joy we decide to sing throughout VÒCE, without paying attention to anything.
Without music, with music.
The VÒCE of friendship, of a few, of all.
I, who do a wonderful job, give you a sign that will always be my friend VÒCE for you.

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