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The 5 best beefsteaks Florentine style in Milan

The Milanese restaurants where you can taste the queen of the traditional Tuscan cuisine

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Except for vegans and vegetarians, along with artistic wonders and vineyards, one of the first thoughts when comes to Tuscany is a succulent beefsteak Florentine style that is mouth watering just by thinking of it. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the main dishes of the regional culinary tradition, the history of the Florentine steak begins at the time of the Medici family when, on the occasion of the feast of San Lorenzo, the city was invaded by bonfires used to roast large quantities of meat for the Florentine people.

The legend, also tells that the name “steak” derives from the English language. It seems, in fact, that some British knights were passing through Florence during the festival and asked for a slice of the roasted meat, calling it “beef steak”. Since then, that term, Italianized, came into a common use to designate the famous cut of meat.

If you are a great meat lover, but have no weekends in Tuscany scheduled on your agenda, here are the 5 best restaurants where you can taste an excellent beefsteak, possibly matched with a good glass of red wine.


Via Melzo angolo via Lambro

Le 5 migliori bistecche alla fiorentina di Milano - ToscaNino

Photo credit © Alessandro Moggi

The name gives no space for doubt. At ToscaNino, you can enjoy the best of the region’s authentic food and wine culture. Go for a walk through the shelves of the shop, inside the restaurant, and sit at the table: after a rich platter of cold cuts or a plate of pici with cinta senese ragout you must order a beefsteak Florentine style available on the evening menu of the restaurant. Before cooking, you can admire the triumphant arrival of the high raw cuts of meat at the table and choose the one that best suits your taste (and hunger!).


Via Fiori Chiari, 21

Le 5 migliori bistecche alla fiorentina di Milano - Torre di Pisa

The Tuscan trattoria is an institution in Brera since 1959, and it has been therefore included in the list of Botteghe Storiche di Milano by the city council. The furnishings and the warmth welcoming atmosphere remained the same of the ’60s. The restaurant menu offers the great classics of the Tuscan cuisine: bruschette, emmer soup “della lucchesia”, and of course, the classic beefsteak Florentine style with the Robespierre variation, always Florentine style.


Via Anfiteatro, 9

Le 5 migliori bistecche alla fiorentina di Milano - Nero 9

The restaurant offers a combination of contemporary art and food, with a particular focus on meat. Art works housed in rotation within the minimal and welcoming interiors and seasonal raw materials proposed on the menu. The grilled oven is the true protagonist of the restaurant. Among the variety of cuts and steaks proposed you must certainly try the beefsteak Florentine style, a t-bone steak sourced from Chianina breeds of cattle.


Via Marco Cremosano, 41

Le 5 migliori bistecche alla fiorentina di Milano - Ribot

The restaurant specialized in Tuscan cuisine and meat, since 1975 bears the name of a famous thoroughbred horse of the past. We are, in fact, in the San Siro area, in a nineteenth-century estate near to the racecourse. Among the specialties of the Tuscan tradition, deserves a place of honor the famous Florentine steak, accompanied by one of the excellent red wines from the list.


Via Lazzaro Papi angolo Corso Lodi

Le 5 migliori bistecche alla fiorentina di Milano - Mibabbo

The name of the restaurant, to be read with the unmistakable Tuscan accent, refers to the idea of traditional recipes handed down from generation to generation, from father to son in a balanced mix of respect for the culinary culture and its reinterpretation. In the midst of livers, “testaroli” and “ribollita”, the meat is the absolute protagonist of the cuisine and cooked in a special grill-oven with vegetable embers in order to give it a particular flavor.


Photo credit cover picture © Alessandro Moggi

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