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The Best Buffalo Mozzarella of Milan

Sink your teeth into this freshness

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Buffalo mozzarella is one of the simplest and yet one of the best Italian gastronomic specialties. It’s only made with fresh and whole mediterranean and Italian buffalo milk, that has to have a minimum fat content and must be worked within sixteen hours from milking. It is an artisanal and ancient process that produces a timeless and inimitable delicacy. That is why, even if its production is relatively simple, buffalo mozzarella is a sublime treat: it must be fresh and soft, dripping and lightly salty and should melt in the mouth like a cream.

In Milan, dairies and mozzarella-themed restaurants surely aren’t amiss, but there’s so many that it’s difficult to find the best ones, the ones that you can count on and guarantee 100% freshness, certified origin and quality. These best ones are not all restaurants or bistrot where to sit, but after all the way buffalo mozzarella is served is less important than the where it was produced. Are you ready?

Centro della Mozzarella

Via Benaco, 1

With five shops scattered around the city, the Centro della Mozzarella has had an actual dairy-empire for more than fifteen years. The original dairy is in via Benaco and, since the start, it worked exclusively with zero-mile milk from Peschiera Borromeo. Enrico, the owner, comes from Basilicata where his family refined the dairy art for generations. Mozzarella isn’t the only dairy product here: there are nodini, a lot of different cheeses, burrata, scamorza, fresh butter and cream, ricotta. In short, there’s something for every taste in this dairy bazar.


Via Lodovico Settala, 16

More than a dairy, Orobianco is a bistrot born and raised under the name of buffalo mozzarella. The production of the many products takes place in the open, visible kitchen and when the mozzarella is brought to your table, you won’t believe your eyes: it’s lush and shiny on the outside, has a wonderful texture, very delicate when tasted and perfectly salted. Of course here the mozzarella is declined in all of its variations: a protagonist on cold cut platters and a supporting element in the sandwiches or accompanied by other cheeses or marinated vegetables. A special mention goes to the truffle-flavored mortadella. Simply delicious.

Fattorie Garofalo

Via Marghera, 28

You will find this restaurant on the top floor of Mondadori Megastore in the De Angelis area. The interior is large without being dispersive and if the nice design and furniture don’t convince you about the goodness of this place, the menu and the service definitely will. Their mozzarella is distinguished for its softness and the many ways it’s declined. During the winter, you can sit on the luminous covered terrace that, during warm days, it’s opened creating an elegant dehors.


Via Pavia, 3

Bufalatte is a playful place, with its vintage furnishings and pastel colors. They have a familiar atmosphere of the “place around the corner” but you only need a look at their menu and their location (practically a few steps away from the banks of Naviglio Pavese) to understand that there’s nothing to joke about. Their mozzarella is a masterpiece of freshness, especially good when rolled together with tomatoes, ham and basil. The other dishes on the menu are nothing less: simple but savory foods, lights preparations and mind-blowing desserts. Great for a lunch break.

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