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The Best Hairdressers in Milan

Excellent salons and hairstylists you can trust with your beauty

Finding the right hairdresser is almost like finding love: you need to be in tune with one another, share the same ideas and feel comfortable in making requests without being judged. And you know, hair is a very delicate subject for many people: those who hate being touched, those who never manage to get the right cut and those who continually struggle with hair that is too fine, voluminous or delicate. If we also add into the mix the vanity that – let’s face it – we all have, that’s it. Whether we like it or not, our hairdresser plays a crucial role in how we look and can determine whether our image will be a success or a flop.

That’s why finding one that satisfies us is really difficult, and once we find the right one we are no longer willing to switch or reveal our beauty secrets. Fortunately, thanks to its continuous interaction with the world of fashion and entertainment, Milan boasts numerous salons and hair stylists who travel from the catwalks to the red carpet, always returning to their home base in the city. From them we have compiled a list of hairdressers who you can rely on in your hair journey. And if the saying “beauty is pain” is not for you, then here is our ranking of the best hairdressers in Milan to try while you search for your perfect fit. The hair compliments are sure to start pouring in.

Irene Greco

Viale Piave, 14

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

The experience of Irene Greco, a hair stylist of Swiss origin who has made Milan the center of her profession, animates her salon of the same name in Viale Piave, 14 in Porta Venezia. Here all women will find their beauty properly represented. Training starting at a very young age following Aldo Coppola, and consultancy for TV and show business are just a couple of the elements that make Irene such a point of reference in her sector. As her TV experience on Real Time demonstrates, she runs a program in which she has given advice on all the newest trends. The furnishings of her salon are essential but modern, and the products used are always of the highest quality. Irene Greco is the name to turn to if you are looking for a new look that could be the key to your happiness.

Blanche Milano

Via Sirtori, 31

I migliori parrucchieri di MilanoBlanche is located in the liberty district par excellence of Milan, Porta Venezia, and owes its unique and unmistakable style to the building where it is located: historic marble flooring, retro furnishings, an alternation of bottle and oil green walls. The project, born from an all-female idea, boasts the collaboration of highly qualified professionals, always updated on the latest style trends and the most advanced techniques. Not a simple beauty salon but a “store and more,” as their motto says. Here in fact, in addition to finding the perfect look to enhance yourself, you can also buy beauty products and exclusive accessories that will impress fans and experts in the sector. Speaking of references… can the Ferragni sisters be enough?

My Place Hair Studio

Via Bartolomeo Panizza, 4

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

Entering My Place Hair Studio you will feel like you are in the home of a dear friend, thanks to the comfort and intimacy typical of the places dear to the heart. And this swell of emotions will not be short-lived: you will not only experience the technique of the hair stylist Tommaso Incamicia but you will have a wellness experience enriched with natural and avant-garde products. The path, set in the different rooms of the lounge / apartment, begins with the main room where, tasting an herbal tea, you can choose the most suitable treatment for you. True relaxation will come, however, in the Room Therapy that reminds you of a spa: let yourself be lulled by the massage chairs, close your eyes and enjoy the scent of essential oils combined with soft music. You will come out with a renewed spirit and look.

Les Garçon de La Rue

Via Giuseppe Langrange, 1
Via Serviliano Lattuada, 6

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

In a city like Milan, make-up, hair-style, fashion and photography often meet by bringing together professionals from each sector. It is from this dimension that the two Les Garçon de La Rue salons were created by Stefano Piuma and Mauro Bellini. The inspiration, as the name suggests, comes from the street, particularly where Sergio Leone set his films in 1920s New York. The salon is a very bright loft where you can breathe in international air, as shown by the cuts and colors offered to customers. Creativity reigns supreme, so much so that the two locations are transformed into multifunctional spaces where temporary exhibitions and concept stores are placed, in addition to beauty treatments. Street kids are always in step with the times.

Charme & Cheveux

Via Giuseppe Broggi, 20
Via Marsala, 9
Via della Spiga, 23

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

The Charme & Cheveux brand owes its success to a winning marketing strategy through which its founders (Paolo Corasaniti, Gianni Bellotta and Davide Costanzo) have proposed a new way of experiencing hair dressing: from the neighborhood shop to an elegant salon of beauty. In the three offices in Milan you will find everything you need to carve out a few hours of relaxation and enhance your looks: in via Broggi, in an early 20th century Liberty building you can enjoy the benefits of the Salt Grotto by watching a movie or experimenting with chromotherapy; in via Marsala, an eclectic and glamorous atelier, you will be pampered in the Relax Zone; in via della Spiga you will have a luxury experience in the first Charme & Cheveux Suite with first class treatment. The attention to detail makes the difference: here the well-being of your physical form coexists with a glass of champagne and tasty snacks.

Brera 13

Via delle Erbe, 1
Via Cappellari, 3

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

Among the brands that combine well-being and beauty, Brera 13 stands out from the rest. The salon was started by creative director Serena Calvelli after years of experience in Florence and Milan. Always up to date on the latest hair style techniques and trends, its salons represent both sides of the philosophy from which they are born. In the heart of Brera, in the hidden via delle Erbe, you will find a styling room with a hair spa where you can enjoy a scalp massage that will make you feel like a star. A stone’s throw from the Duomo, in via Cappellari, an international dimension will surprise you with a “kitchen room” in which a skilled cook will prepare extraordinary smoothies with the most suitable products for your hair. And it all exists within a dimension of “well-being and fashion.”

Area #6

Via Macedonio Melloni, 1

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

Area # 6’s fame is undoubtedly due to Alessandro Lisi, an exceptional hair stylist who exercises his profession right here. Defined by many as a star guru, he started working from a young age with newcomers from the world of show business, who are now well established. His career was marked by an unexpected encounter that dictated his fate: Alessandro is in fact the trusted Italian stylist of Anna Wintour, the iconic director of Vogue America. Needless to say, sensitivity and attentive study of the person being styled are the keys to the success achieved, which materialized in the Area # 6 salon. A name to note if you want to share a hairdresser with the faces that dictate the laws of world fashion.

Aldo Coppola – Corso Garibaldi

Corso Garibaldi, 110

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

I challenge anyone to think of a hairdresser without mentioning Aldo Coppola. A name that has become a franchise brand with more than 50 affiliates throughout Italy. However, one of the historic halls is that of Corso Garibaldi, opened by Coppola in 1991 after the experience gained through his father and working for the most prestigious events such as Pitti. Designed by architect Philippe Starck, this salon has established itself as a point of reference for designers, journalists and industry professionals, so much so that it has become the pilot project for all new openings. A place where elegance, style and refinement reign supreme, accompanied by the typical excitement of those who are always looking for new techniques capable of supporting the trends of the moment.

Colonna – Metropolitan Beauty Makers

Via della Moscova, 39

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

If you are thinking of switching up your look before leaving for the holidays, Colonna is the right place for you. Located in Brera, in an elegant building, the lounge combines the white of the walls with the natural tones of the parquet covering the entire floor. The atmosphere is welcoming and so are the furnishings, making it an ideal place to free your mind and let yourself go to the hands of experts. Hairdressers and make-up artists are ready to respond to all your needs by creating personalized treatments and cuts just for you.

Roots Milano

Corso S. Gottardo, 3

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

Hidden in a courtyard of the old Milan of the 1930s, near the dynamic and changing Darsena, is Roots, a salon inspired by meeting places among friends where you can feel at ease and carve out a moment for yourself. The location is a real jewel both inside and out and is divided into two floors that house the two sides of Roots: one dedicated to tattoos and piercings, the other to hair. If choosing between past and present seems difficult, almost impossible, here you will not be forced to do it. Just combine your creativity with that of the stylists to create the look you’ve always dreamed of.

Franco Curletto

Viale Pasubio, 12

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

An early talent who blossomed at the age of sixteen on the Pitti Moda catwalks, Franco Curletto has since become a worldwide testimonial of Kérastase, and gone on to work with the most important fashion houses. In 2009, he inaugurated his Milan salon. It is a distinctly modern space that reflects the high quality of his work, and features the pop of red that is signature to his brand on the sleek salon chairs. For excellent results, book an appointment with Curletto himself and rely on his instinct and experience.

Gum Milano

Corso Italia, 46

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

Stefano Terzuolo, founder of GUM Milan, was among the first to bring a new vision of hairdressing to Italy based no longer only on cut and color and identical salon chairs surrounded by white lights. Instead, focus is put on the uniqueness of the experience and the singularity of the location. That is why at GUM, you will not find numerous identical seats but rather, individual pieces and furnishings that are more reminiscent of the living room of a noble apartment. And if London’s trends have spread widely, the real challenge now is to find a balance between the most creative and classic works, such as between the elegant building of Corso Italia which houses the salon and the rock soul of its founder. Particularly interesting are the products used for GUM treatments.


Via Monte di Pietà, 19

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

Entering at Beautick is like giving yourself the experience of a luxury VIP experience, where impeccable services and treatments worthy of the most important catwalks are provided. The creative mind is that of Beppe D’Elia, a world-famous name that can boast numerous collaborations with prestigious events such as the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals, the Oscars, the Golden Globes, the Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks as well as numerous campaigns and editorial projects. The concept proposes a dialogue between beauty and luxury which is achieved thanks to the professionalism and experience of a true professional. The lounge is reminiscent of a hotel suite, and it is perfect for those who want to feel like a star for at least a day.

Rossano Ferretti Hair Salon

Via Gesù, 6

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

The story of Rossano Ferretti, a world-renowned hair stylist of Emilian origins, begins by observing the profession of his barber grandfather and hairdresser grandmother. A strong passion for beauty and harmony of proportions led him to London, where he learned his trade and began working with stars and celebrities. A mission to discover beauty led him to open salons in the most coveted cities in the world, such as Milan, in the splendid setting of the Four Season. Ferretti’s success is linked to his method, the natural fall cut, and his ability to enhance the naturalness and vitality of your hair. His salon serves as an invitation for all women to truly enjoy their hair.

Luigi Ciccarelli Atelier

Via Fieno (angolo via Achille Mauri)

I migliori parrucchieri di Milano

Luigi Ciccarelli is the name behind the Maison Mamì brand that stands out in the lounge located in the heart of old Milan, near Piazza Missori. An eclectic talent who boasts illustrious collaborations in the world of fashion and who has put his creativity to good use by designing the furniture in his studio, inspired by American films of the 1950s. The prevailing colors are white and black which give the space a sense of rigor and linearity. Speaking of color: if you have decided to change your look with a shatoush, you cannot fail to contact Luigi. He invented it.

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